How has technology improved our lives? Of course it has in some ways, but are the trade-offs we have had to make, really worth it? I wonder if modern technology is more of a double barrelled shotgun, than a double edged sword – with one of the barrels pointing right back in our face.

Is the internet a benefit to our children?

Bizarre pornography – once seen never forgotten- piped straight into the subconscious of very young children, via their phones, maybe on the way to school. If it’s particularly strange or weird, then it is immediately shared with friends. Boys especially seem to have an appetite for viewing the unusual and the extreme.

Social insecurity

Social media seems to mean social pressure, social pressure becomes bullying – and bullying makes people feel diminished – thereby causing loss of dignity and self-worth.
Some young people self-harm, and even go as far as suicide.
Some have other mental health issues., such as anorexia, paranoia, etc.
Some get into drink or drugs.
Some become bullies themselves.
Some withdraw from social interactions.

The list goes on, of the damage inflicted by people on each other, via social media. Upon the vulnerable, and especially children.

peek-a-boo, I see you

Yes, all of these social ills existed before Facebook etc., but they did not occur on anything like the scale that they are happening now.

There are of course many other related pressures contributing to the malaise.

Chat rooms

You’ve got chat rooms and forums on any subject you can imagine, – some from the depths of the sickest minds. Many of these are too dark and twisted for me to even think about. Please forgive my lack of research on the matter. There are things in the world that I just don’t want to know.

I see you’re wearing that little rabbit onesie like I told you

We don’t need to go int the details of what practices may be promoted, but when you consider a bunch of perverted sickos in a chat room, egging each other on, cross-pollinating their most abominable ideas, it must be truly horrifying.
Because they are sick bastards, they try to infect our pure and – am I going too far here? – innocent minds, with their disgusting disseminations. But enough of Hollywood.

Caught in the web

The world wide web (sinister name) created hackers, and hackers created the need for cyber-security; cyber-security systems are then established, and hackers are used to test their effectiveness. Then more – unauthorised/black hat – hackers, hack the system, creating a data breach. How can any of our data ever be truly secure? The next big information violation is only a couple of clicks away.

phish and chips

It seems like hackers have the same effect on the internet, as terrorists have on society. They are both, the cause of, and excuse for, ever-increasing security. Which basically ends up as more and more authority figures telling us they have the right to search us and spy on us and coerce us into agreeing to their terms (and conditions). Bit by bit we are giving up our freedom and privacy. Well, I don’t fucking like it.

So what am I going to do about it? Write an angry blog? Yeah! That will make all the difference.

Freedom to do as you’re told

I don’t go abroad, or to clubs or gigs, because I do not give anyone the authority to search me. It’s a matter of principal. I suppose it is sad really, that my lifestyle is curtailed by the establishment’s enthusiasm to clamp down on my freedom – although to be honest, it might just be my age.

It also appears that hackers like terrorists may be working for, or against our security services. It becomes very difficult to know who is on who’s side, and to be honest, if anyone is actually on ‘our side’ at all.

Optimistic memories

It takes longer today, to buy a packet of baccy or to put petrol in the car than it did 20 years ago. I thought we were supposed to have flying cars by now. That never happened, did it?

fuck off Harry, that’s not what I meant

We were led to believe that we would have robot servants in the future; now it seems like we’re more likely to have robot masters, any day soon.

Records were always more functional than c.d.’s. C.d.’s were meant to be indestructible – what a load of shite. Mine were always skipping or sticking, and sometimes even auto-remixing, and unfortunately, a sharp knock didn’t remedy the problem, as it did with a record player. We were certainly bent over and colonically pounded when we replaced our records with c.d.s.
Now, when you buy music you don’t get anything tangible at all, it’s a digital download. What’s the use of that – you can’t even butter toast or play frisbee with it.

Much of the music doesn’t need to be of decent sound quality, because most people – particularly the young – listen to compressed music files, through mediocre headphones or poor quality speakers from a phone or computer.

Mindlessly non-judgemental

Most of the main-stream music has very strange videos to go with it – for playing on M.T.V., YouTube and the like. Many of the images and behaviours in these videos appear to be conjured directly from Aleister Crowley’s darkest fantasies.

God knows what horrific phantasmagoria are conjured up in the imaginations of the open-minded young people who watch these videos. Maybe they would be safer if they weren’t quite so mindlessly nonjudgemental.

To be honest, what would I know. I avoid these videos, and most pop music sounds shit to me, in fact, many popular songs make me feel actual physical pain when I hear them.

Please, no more grime

The music you listen to has a massive effect on the way you feel, including your emotional and mental wellbeing. Miserable depressing music surely creates a mood of depression and despair in the listener. There may be a time and a place for all music, but if you listen to angry or depressing music all day long, it’s going to make you angry or depressed.
It’s a good job I don’t listen to angry music, or fuck knows what I’d be like.

It’s no surprise that kids in the big cities are going around stabbing each other, if they are growing up listening to grime. I think I’d be stabbing my own ears if I had to listen to much of it.

I know that certain music has been played at high volume, as a form of torture for suspected terrorists, by the U.S. military in Guantanamo for example. My daughter regularly tortures me with stuff like Post Malone or Sam Smith, and it would only take a few bars of Nicki Minaj, or Elton John, for example, to make me betray my country.

So has technology improved our lives? Well if you are a child grooming, porn peddling, social bully, who enjoys hacking computers, and watching fucked-up music videos, you must be loving it right now. Particularly if you hate freedom and good music. For the rest of us, technology is more of a mixed blessing.

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