Don’t believe me

I can respect a person’s beliefs even when they’re wrong. I think it’s vital to have a value system that you can call your own. You live your life, you learn your lessons, and decide through personal experience what is true or good or right. You make up your own mind. Never let anyone else tell you what to believe – unless you have no regard for your own intelligence. This is particularly true of religion when it contradicts your own moral awareness.


Certainly, the God of the Old Testament was a bit of a psycho. However, there have been many other violent and vengeful gods, in various religions and civilisations, across the globe – gods & bloodthirsty-rituals
Surely none of these petty, tribal, and violent gods can ever be the ‘One True God’ of monotheism.

Kuka’ilimoku: War God of Kamehameha

My point is, that unless a being is more morally developed than I am, I could never call it God. If I can judge Yahweh/Jehovah as childish, spiteful and brutal, then it seems unlikely that he really is God.
Surely one should never be able to take the moral high ground with one’s god – at least I hope not, or I’m fucked.

Moses was a horny bastard


Why allow priests of any religion, or books of any one faith to frame your idea of Deity? God can be anything you or anyone else can imagine It to be. No-one knows – least of all a priest, who has forsaken his family and friends, along with all the normal loving relationships of human life. Nevertheless, by rejecting orthodox religion, be careful not to throw out the baby Jesus with the holy-bathwater.

Each and every priest has his own personal view of what God is.
The same as everyone has – whether they believe in Him/Her/It/Them or not.
Even if you don’t believe in God or the Gods then you must have an idea of what it is that you reject. So ‘God’ is your own personalised abstract concept, and you decide whether or not you believe in it.

Drink my blood… Suck it from my throbbing vein

How can you argue with anyone other than yourself about your own abstract ideas? A person should explore their own existence in the universe, and find what is true for them. Not bicker with others about their beliefs.

Do you have you a relationship with some form of higher consciousness/intelligence or not? If not, do you feel a deep love for the earth or nature, or humanity or with anything at all? If you feel no strong connection with other living beings, then perhaps you are an aristocrat or even royalty? You should certainly vote Conservative at the next election.


Surely it’s a wonderful thing to have a relationship with a part of the cosmos that appears to be ‘not me’. Something other than self.
Each particle in the universe is connected to every other particle, in some way or other. From atoms to galaxies, and microbes to monsters, they are all in inter-linked.

It follows then, that we humans are too – on physical, emotional, electrical, chemical, psychical, mental, and on who knows what other levels. Furthermore, this means that you and I are connected too… (now, how embarrassing is that?).

There is nothing separate in the universe. (Okay, maybe Theresa May)


I would suppose that a person’s concept of God would be that of the highest ‘power’ that she/he could imagine.
The human being can create anything the human mind can conceptualise. This, I believe, is where all the gods and demons of religion originated. We invented them.
‘All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.’ Aldous Huxley.


So was life imagined into being by a great Mind hidden deep within the folds of the imperceivable universe? In the same way that humans can imagine music, art or machinery, into existence, so all creation begins in the mind. Amazingly these inventions of the mind can continue long after their creators have been forgotten.

Look what our corporations are paying people to imagine into the world now – weapons, artificial intelligences, poisons, g.m.o.s, etc.. But most worrying for me at the moment, are the insidious methods of subduing and stupifying the population.

We have t.v., internet legislation, 5g technology (please check it out), terrorism, education, science, religion, government, street drugs, legal drugs, alcohol; the list is almost endless. That’s not even including the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’, of fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, microwave technologies, false flag events, etc.. All and any of the above can have the effect of making us docile, unquestioning, and obedient.

If we keep bleating loud enough maybe we’ll get another referendum on our choice of abattoir

Who in this world really loves and cares for you? Is it the executives running the corporations, or those in positions of political power perhaps? Don’t be a twat! – The Tories don’t love you, Labour doesn’t love you, and the E.U. certainly doesn’t love you. None of those wankers is doing their job for your benefit. They are tiny cogs in an enormous machine that will scrap them as soon as they are of no use to it. And you and I, my friend, are even less important than they are.

Oh I’m sorry, did I disturb you? No, I didn’t think so – everything’s fine, go back to sleep.

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