Unfortunately, that’s not who we are.
I was watching a film earlier on Netflix or something. I can’t remember what – it was just another shit film.
Needless to say, at some point in the movie; sexy man and sexy woman can restrain themselves no longer. They proceed to have the most urgent and passionate sex that anyone has ever had. At least, that’s what they’d have you believe.

man with head up a woman's dress.woman hanging on to railings
This really is the stupidest hat that I’ve ever worn

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen distinctly average actors pretending to fornicate to the most amazingly high standards. It’s the same in most films and series, of almost any genre. I’m bored shitless with it. I don’t want to know how amazing their sexual encounters are – just get on with the fucking film.

If you want to watch sex in a film go and watch a romance or pornography, otherwise, leave it out. I don’t want to watch people snogging and groping in real life, I’m not a fucking dogger. Neither do I want to see an oversized close-up of fake fornicating in an episode on Netflix?

It’s bad enough in real life if people near me start slobbering and slavering on. My instinct is to shout at them to ‘go and get a room’.

Monkey see, monkey do

Another thing all those love scenes have in common – apart from being the most passionate sex ever – is the fact that it’s always unprotected.
You never see anyone, male or female, pause to get a condom. What sort of fucking example is that to set for young people.
I understand why a director would prefer to film this way – for the flow of the movie etc. But in real life, there’s much more at stake than there is in a stupid film. Peoples lives are on the line, and these films and series just encourage unsafe behaviour.

chimpanzee smoking a pipe
When you said you liked to smoke after sex…..

Why do they make most films this way? It doesn’t matter whether it’s American or English, a movie or a series – never a condom in sight. What’s the reasoning behind this shameful lack of concern for young peoples sexual health? (I’m not so bothered about older peoples sexual behaviour, they should know better).
However, most of us have some young people that we care about. It’s irresponsible of film directors not to show that it’s okay to take a moment to put on a condom.

It’s not funny

Nobody who is ‘gagging for it’ actually wants to spoil the moment by pausing to put on protection. But what’s the alternative? H.I.V. is certainly not the only potentially fatal sexually transmitted infection (s.t.i.) that is currently available.
There are also a shit-load of non-lethal genital infections and infestations. There’s clam chowder and willy warts, fanny fungi and knob rot, plus a multitude of genuine diseases. None of these is glamorous or much fun, and they can be very painful and embarrassing (so I’ve been told).

condom on a hand
Darling, is this edible?
Give me a minute and it will be

Manufacturing consent

If female characters are regularly shown to say, ‘no entry without the right dress-code’ it would empower women. The woman should refuse the man’s advances until he obliges and puts on a condom – or she does. I’m all for freedom of expression, but I’m also in favour of keeping young people safe. After all, our minds have been moulded by movies and adverts for years. (see Edward Bernays & Adam Curtis)

female condoms
Equal rights and responsibilities

Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly no feminist – I believe that women and men are equal. But that does not mean I think we are the same. We have a shared responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and that should be considered in these films and series.

I know that I’m no authority on the subject of s.t.i.s. In fact, I’ve led a fairly sheltered and innocent life. H.I.V. A.I.D.S. hadn’t even been invented when I was a kid – at least I’d never heard of it.

I know next to nothing about gay sex. I presume that most gay films already have a more responsible attitude towards showing the use of condoms in them. But I don’t know, maybe I assume too much. Or perhaps I’m preaching to the converted. Oh dear, I am beginning to feel like a Harry Enfield character.

At what cost?

multi-coloured condoms
Taste the rainbow – gobble a gay

I’m a bit loathed to get all conspiracy on you but I have to ask the question. How much money do pharmaceutical companies make from s.t.i .s?
Most of these HIV/AIDS drugs cost a fortune, some can cost 3000 dollars for 30 tablets. There are no cheap ones.
Here in the U.K. the N.H.S. has to pay for it.
Apparently, the lifetime cost of treating just one HIV infection was calculated at £380,000 in 2015.
So either people with H.I.V. are living a long time, or these drugs are very fucking expensive.

There is another interesting article from the Independent, which says the sales of antiretroviral drugs in the USA in 2009 was $7.7bn. So there’s a few quid in it then. (This doesn’t include the sales from any other form of s.t.i. drugs or potions or lotions).

It’s certainly not just about the expense though. We owe it to the youth to prepare them for life in this messed up world, and if waving a condom in the air can help encourage safer sexual practices, then I think it’s time film directors took some responsibility and started including it in movies.

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