A smack in everyone’s face

So why are street drugs illegal. I understand with so-called ‘legal highs’ etc., nobody knows what they might do to a person, particularly with long term use. We need to be cautious to protect the young from unknown and untested drugs.

But as for the good old fashioned types – which can be bought on the corner of most high streets in Britain nowadays – why are they illegal?


For now, let’s look at one of the most pernicious of street drugs – heroin. It’s obviously an extremely addictive drug, and I really do not recommend that anyone takes it without a prescription. It is a marvellous pain killer and used in hospitals across the land every day.

Far less damaging than methadone

Roads to Hell

So it’s not that dangerous when used properly. The greatest threat to the public comes from its addictiveness and the stronger drugs (eg. fentanyl) that it’s sometimes mixed with.

So how do people become addicts? A certain number get hooked on prescribed morphine from a doctor or hospital. Apparently, after using it for three consecutive days it becomes very difficult to stop. But I don’t believe that’s how most people begin their addiction.

The majority of heroin users were introduced to it by a ‘friend’ or acquaintance who was already working in the ‘heroin industry’.
From pimps to pushers, and users to usurers, it’s been employed as a tool for exploiting the vulnerable for years. While it’s precursor – opium – has been used the same way for hundreds, or possibly thousands of years. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Opium-Warshttps://www.taxjustice.net/2015/02/27/hsbc-and-the-worlds-oldest-drug-cartel/

If there’s profit to be made – there’s a bank involved somewhere

It’s always been expensive stuff, and not easy to afford if you are unemployed or homeless. So how can someone afford to support such a serious habit when they are skint?

Means to an end

Some will shoplift or commit streetcrime, and some will rob houses. Probably the saddest of all, are those who are forced into and trapped in prostitution, by their habit. Many children are deliberately turned into addicts, and forced to work in the sex industry to pay for it. While migrants are smuggled into the country, forcibly addicted to heroin, and made to work as sex-slaves.

Rental slavery

If you use prostitutes then you are part of the problem. But I don’t suppose you’d care – you see people as commodities anyway. If you just stayed in and had a wank then this dreadful exploitation of human beings would not be happening. Or even better – try to form meaningful relationships with the people around you. You never know, one of them might like you enough to actually want to have sex with you.


But the simplest way of supporting a habit is to deal the stuff; it probably seems like it’s the most moral option too. The majority of people would choose not to steal, whereas heroin dealing is a logical extension of capitalism. Supply and demand.
Buying low and selling high, making a profit on each transaction. Possibly cutting it with brick dust or rat poison, or even other pharmaceutical opioids to make it more potent. Sounds like a typical entrepreneur – Alan Sugar would be proud – and the Dragons Den should embrace them.


Do we want a solution?

It seems to me that those already addicted are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Deal, kneel or steal – what a choice.

Surely the answer to many of society’s drug-related problems is for registered heroin addicts to be able to receive safe pharmaceutical grade heroin, from a specially registered doctor, who is authorised to prescribe it on the N.H.S.

Just think about it. If junkies got a regular safe supply from a doctor – for the price of a prescription – there’d be no need for them to deal the stuff to fund their habit.
Furthermore, they wouldn’t be trying to lure kids into a life of smack, and addicts wouldn’t need to go out on the rob or sell their bodies to pay for the gear. This would massively curtail the power of the vicious drug and sex gangs.


A life in a box

Let’s face it nobody starts taking heroin when they are at a good place in their life. It’s a desperate situation that gets people started. Morphine is a painkiller – I believe it mitigates against mental, emotional, and physical pain – which is why it becomes so popular with people who are suffering. Sadly it seems to be so effective that people get hooked very quickly.

I admit I’m no expert, and I have never knowingly taken it – well maybe once in the nineties, in a ‘brown speckled dove’. I have lost friends to heroin. I’ve known users and ex-users – smokers and injectors – and most of them were decent enough people.
Nobody wants to end up as a smack-head and social pariah, but it could happen to anyone. Heroin does not discriminate, it just requires a person to have had enough pain, misery or bad luck in their life – and for it to be offered to them at the wrong time.

Not that sort of speckled dove

A small aside

My daughter fell off a swing and broke her arm when she was about 8 years old. An ambulance was called, and when they turned up they offered her morphine as a pain killer. Okay, so far. But as they were administering it, the paramedics were telling her ‘You’ll like this, it will make you feel really nice’.

They were right, she did like it – she still remembers the high. But how responsible is it for paramedics to act like the morphine marketing team? I know they were doing their job – and generally doing it very well – but should they be telling children, ‘this is morphine it’s really nice, you’ll enjoy it’. For that could very well be the first step on the road to addiction, for an injured impressionable child.
My daughter still remembers the effect, and that was more than 10 years ago.

Time to change the paradigm

Pins and needles

Imagine if heroin was available on prescription, from a doctor and specialist, surely crime rates would plummet. Police resources could be redeployed, and there would be far fewer new addicts.
The users could be helped to use it safely, and programmes could be put in place to help addicts quit.

If they did quit, there would not be the pressure from fellow addicts, and old patterns of behaviour, to lure them back. There would also be little financial incentive for old acquaintances to reintroduce them to that paradoxical drug.

Chase jobs not dragons

Apparently, heroin doesn’t necessarily impair your ability to work, so perhaps addicts could be helped to find gainful employment – if they weren’t running around all day chasing their next dragon.
It all just seems so simple.

The heroin – like most street drugs – is not brought into the country by junkies. It is imported by businessmen, with money and connections, who make a profit from the misery of others. Capitalism and moral bankruptcy is the cause, wasted lives the effect.

Who benefits?

If we remove the possibility of outrageous profit from a drug, it ceases to be of interest to the wealthy parasites who currently prosper from the vile business. Unfortunately, those who profit the most from the illegal drugs trade, are the same financial elite who profit from all the other immoral industries. These same people also have tremendous influence over governments and lawmakers.

The crown estates

Ultimately, those at the top of the illegal heroin trade, have too much to lose from making it available on prescription. It’s a similar situation to alcohol prohibition in the U.S.A. in the 1920s. The gangsters make a fortune, and the criminals for whom the gangsters work, are the people who make the laws. They just get the ‘lower orders’ to do all the dirty work for them.

For example, they currently have squaddies guarding their poppy crops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The invasion of those countries wasn’t only about securing the oil supply, avenging 911, expanding Greater Israel, threatening Russia, training terrorists, creating a climate of instability and insecurity thus increasing arms sales, shoring up the petrodollar, and prosecuting an insane Holy war.

So useful but so easy to misuse

Nothing new under the sun

A similar thing happened with America in the Korean and Vietnam wars. These wars allowed the U.S.A. access to a rich source of the drug – the golden triangle – which produced most of the world’s opium in the 1950s and 60s. The C.I.A. imported the heroin to the States in bulk, via Air America, to fund their ‘black ops’ in other parts of the world. The Hells Angels – largely made up of war veterans – were integrated by the C.I.A. as a supply chain for this illegally imported drug.

The Golden Triangle[1] is the area where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the Ruak and Mekong Rivers en.wikipedia.

There is evidence that all the above happened, but what is provably true, is difficult to say. However, there could not have been any illegal drug industries without involvement from those with connections in very high places.

Free country

When was the last time some cheeky little twat answered his accusers with the sentence “it’s a free country”. We used to say it regularly if anyone tried to stop us from doing what we wanted.

Is it still a free country?

I think, as children, we had an instinctive feeling for ‘common law’, at least for right and wrong. Therefore, we knew if we didn’t cause harm to anyone, then most things were okay. We went where we wanted, and if we didn’t steal or damage anything, we felt justified in doing whatever we liked.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we never nicked or broke anything, and fuck, we lit a lot of fires. But it was the principle that ’it’s a free country!’ that was important to us. It somehow gave us a feeling of pride.

Does the sight of armed police make you feel secure? It scares the shit out of me

Nowadays there is not that sense of freedom. Coppers with guns wandering around our cities, CCTV in every shop and on every corner. Strict searches upon entering any large public event. I don’t know about you but I feel violated – it lowers the human spirit. Bit by bit we are having our basic freedoms removed, all in the name of terrorism.

Big brother and his big brothers

What makes a terrorist?

Call me cynical, but what is a terrorist?
Would we even have terrorists, if we weren’t exporting our ‘freedoms’ and stealing other’s resources? Why does anyone become a suicide bomber? How pissed off do you have to be, to strap explosives to your body and blow yourself up? Or to fly a plane into a skyscraper – if you choose to believe that story.

Who funds the terrorists?

There is more and more information coming out that the major backers of terror are the West’s own security services. https://www.theguardian.

Is this man a war criminal or a terrorist or both?

Photo by Paul Morse,

State terror

Now that’s what I call a terrorist. Yes, and he’s a war criminal too

‘Terrorism, the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. Terrorism has been practised by political organisations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence services, and police.’

By that very definition, this is exactly what the British Government have been doing for hundreds of years, both domestically and abroad.
For example:

‘Between 1728 and the devastating hunger of 1845-50, there were 28 artificial famines in Ireland that cost the lives of half a million Irish. Throughout this period, Ireland had produced enough food to feed her native population twice over, but almost all of it was being exported, under force of arms, by the English.’ https://www.sott.net/article/245044-The-British-Empire-A-Lesson-In-State-Terrorism

They probably think they are being patriotic

What are the causes of terrorism?

‘British military officers and Special Forces are reportedly training – in Jordanian territory – foreign-backed militants to step up their campaign of terrorism across Syria. Ample evidence shows that the mercenaries, recruited from various countries including Libya, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, are covertly supplied with weapons and training from the US, Britain and France via the conduits of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.’ http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article33327.htm (it appears this article is no longer available)

However, you don’t have to look far to find British and U.S. involvement in supporting terrorism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_involvement_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War . It may seem that these actions of the British Government are conducted far from home, but do you believe they would never do such a thing in the U.K.

Controlled opposition is the way the powers that be, maintain mastery over both sides in a dispute. They set up and support all the protagonists in any major confrontation, Whatever the outcome, they win. Call me Cynical again, but are the so-called terrorist groups just pawns in a sick geopolitical game?

Why can’t we live in peace?

Anyone remember free speech?

Now you don’t even have the right of freedom of speech. Even if what you are saying is absolutely true, you do not have the right to say it in case it offends someone. I’m with Steve Hughes on this one.
No-one was ever harmed by being offended. There are wars, famines, genocide, unlawful imprisonment, the bombing of civilians etc. happening around the world right now, and people are more concerned about having hurt feelings.


What sort of society do we live in that takes itself so seriously that we can’t take the piss out of each other? It’s tragic.

It’s very important in human culture to have a close friend who is a complete fucking idiot. Every group of chums should have at least one shit-for-brains among them. If you don’t think you have a total fuckwit amongst your friends, then maybe you should look in the mirror – I think he might be there.

Childish can sometimes be amusing too

Almost all humour is at someone’s expense. I believe that’s because we are human, and modern humans are a particularly amusing but stupid species. How often would we chuckle in a day if we didn’t laugh at each other? Whether it’s how daft we behave, or talk, or dress, or misunderstand etc. etc.

Sometimes we amuse people intentionally, and on other occasions, it’s an embarrassing accident. Often, it is the most inappropriate and disgusting things which we find the funniest.

Is it a bad thing to be laughed at if it makes others happy?

Surely what is important about what a person says, is the intent behind the words. If you are bullying or intending to cause or incite actual harm to someone – don’t do it you prick.But if you’re just expressing an opinion, or maybe even having a laugh…

The joy of dog walking

I was out for a walk the other day, with my dog, when she stopped and squatted. Her back end quivered, and joy of joys, I realised she was having a poo.
Sod’s law, we were on a footpath and it naturally fell to me to pick up her excrement. It’s most unpleasant when it’s still steaming and squishy, in your hands when you haven’t got a bag with you. Fortunately, I had one that day. But it still it feels very wrong – as if you are picking up warm fresh dog logs with bare hands.

At this point, I really ought to apologise to my lovely little dog for embarrassing and shaming her in this blog. But she loves me so much that I’m pretty sure she’ll forgive me.

One thing that is certainly not best served fresh

I got to thinking. Here we are, humanity, perhaps the earth’s most sophisticated achievement. Certainly, the most intellectual and technological species existing on this planet, yet here I am picking up warm fresh dog turds.
Well, it certainly brings you down to size. Surely in this day and age, someone could come up with a better way of removing dog-shit from a footpath.

Snooty bastard

Call me snobby if you want to, but I really do think I am too good to be picking up dog’s excrement. I am a law abiding – but more importantly – considerate citizen, so I do bag it up when she craps on the footpath. Then I wander around with my little package of poo, looking for a bin to put it in. It’s undignified and it makes me feel like a right twat.

What a twat

I don’t know why the person I think of as ‘me’, is alive in human form and on planet earth. Whether my being in this world is the accidental result of trillions of infinitely unlikely coincidences, a God-given mission, or something that I am to make up for myself as I go, I cannot tell you. However, whatever my reason for being here, I did not arrive on this beautiful planet to pick up fucking dog-shit.

We have put men on the moon (allegedly), and we’ve invented some amazing things, but nothing for dog shit disposal.

Genetically modified

I was thinking that maybe we could put all that genetic engineering to good use for once. Breed a dog that eats its own shit.
Furthermore, we could invent a tasty topping with added vitamins that we could sprinkle or spray on the turds. This would be to make the faeces both delicious and nutritious so the dog would really benefit from eating it. Yummy Pedigree bum chum, so to speak

Granted you may have to form a different relationship with your dog. For example, you might not want it licking your face ever again. I must add – and I hope she can forgive me for saying this – I don’t honestly think that my dog’s breath could smell any worse if she did eat her own shit.

Death breath

Perhaps we should add breath freshener to the nutrition sprinkles that we put on that tasty little turd-burger.

Make it crunchy

Okay, maybe not the most popular idea ever, but we ought to do something. How about a spray that would dissolve or desiccate the faecal matter rendering it harmless. Sadly, I imagine that would be damaging to the environment.
Nevertheless, there are few things more difficult or unpleasant to remove from a shoe, than squidgy squelchy doggy dung. Therefore a spray that made it crunchy would be a massive improvement.

I can see no immediate solution to this problem, so dog owners are going to be stooping for stools indefinitely.

Who’s the intelligent one?

Nature’s most intelligent creation, wandering down the street with a bag of dog shit in his/her hand. While Rover runs off thinking ‘I don’t know why the idiot doesn’t sniff it nice and fresh as I do. Fucking weirdo, picking it up and carrying it around with him. Is he not happy with the mounds of it that I do for him in the back garden?’

How can anything shit out more than it eats?

Strange fruit

Nevertheless, any of these alternatives are preferable to the latest invasive plant species. You know, those trees with those black polythene-like hanging fruits, which line so many pathways nowadays. Oh no, they aren’t fruits, they are bags of dog shit. Some fuckwit, one day thought ‘I’ll hang this package of shite from this bush, and pick it up later’. Yeah right.

Hedgerow bling

Subsequently, some other twat walked past with their bag of poop, saw the new fruit and thought, ‘What a brilliant idea, I’ll hang my bag of shit from a tree too’. Then before you know it, every wayside tree is decorated with doggy-do baubles. It’s particularly unpleasant as bags bio-degrade, then when it rains they drip droplets of faeces on passers-by, like filthy melting icicles.

It’s no surprise then that human/dog relationships can be a bit topsy-turvy. How can your dog respect you when you grovel on the ground picking up his shite, and then you hang it in a tree?


Unfortunately, that’s not who we are.
I was watching a film earlier on Netflix or something. I can’t remember what – it was just another shit film.
Needless to say, at some point in the movie; sexy man and sexy woman can restrain themselves no longer. They proceed to have the most urgent and passionate sex that anyone has ever had. At least, that’s what they’d have you believe.

man with head up a woman's dress.woman hanging on to railings
This really is the stupidest hat that I’ve ever worn

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen distinctly average actors pretending to fornicate to the most amazingly high standards. It’s the same in most films and series, of almost any genre. I’m bored shitless with it. I don’t want to know how amazing their sexual encounters are – just get on with the fucking film.

If you want to watch sex in a film go and watch a romance or pornography, otherwise, leave it out. I don’t want to watch people snogging and groping in real life, I’m not a fucking dogger. Neither do I want to see an oversized close-up of fake fornicating in an episode on Netflix?

It’s bad enough in real life if people near me start slobbering and slavering on. My instinct is to shout at them to ‘go and get a room’.

Monkey see, monkey do

Another thing all those love scenes have in common – apart from being the most passionate sex ever – is the fact that it’s always unprotected.
You never see anyone, male or female, pause to get a condom. What sort of fucking example is that to set for young people.
I understand why a director would prefer to film this way – for the flow of the movie etc. But in real life, there’s much more at stake than there is in a stupid film. Peoples lives are on the line, and these films and series just encourage unsafe behaviour.

chimpanzee smoking a pipe
When you said you liked to smoke after sex…..

Why do they make most films this way? It doesn’t matter whether it’s American or English, a movie or a series – never a condom in sight. What’s the reasoning behind this shameful lack of concern for young peoples sexual health? (I’m not so bothered about older peoples sexual behaviour, they should know better).
However, most of us have some young people that we care about. It’s irresponsible of film directors not to show that it’s okay to take a moment to put on a condom.

It’s not funny

Nobody who is ‘gagging for it’ actually wants to spoil the moment by pausing to put on protection. But what’s the alternative? H.I.V. is certainly not the only potentially fatal sexually transmitted infection (s.t.i.) that is currently available.
There are also a shit-load of non-lethal genital infections and infestations. There’s clam chowder and willy warts, fanny fungi and knob rot, plus a multitude of genuine diseases. None of these is glamorous or much fun, and they can be very painful and embarrassing (so I’ve been told).

condom on a hand
Darling, is this edible?
Give me a minute and it will be

Manufacturing consent

If female characters are regularly shown to say, ‘no entry without the right dress-code’ it would empower women. The woman should refuse the man’s advances until he obliges and puts on a condom – or she does. I’m all for freedom of expression, but I’m also in favour of keeping young people safe. After all, our minds have been moulded by movies and adverts for years. (see Edward Bernays & Adam Curtis)

female condoms
Equal rights and responsibilities

Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly no feminist – I believe that women and men are equal. But that does not mean I think we are the same. We have a shared responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and that should be considered in these films and series.

I know that I’m no authority on the subject of s.t.i.s. In fact, I’ve led a fairly sheltered and innocent life. H.I.V. A.I.D.S. hadn’t even been invented when I was a kid – at least I’d never heard of it.

I know next to nothing about gay sex. I presume that most gay films already have a more responsible attitude towards showing the use of condoms in them. But I don’t know, maybe I assume too much. Or perhaps I’m preaching to the converted. Oh dear, I am beginning to feel like a Harry Enfield character.

At what cost?

multi-coloured condoms
Taste the rainbow – gobble a gay

I’m a bit loathed to get all conspiracy on you but I have to ask the question. How much money do pharmaceutical companies make from s.t.i .s?
Most of these HIV/AIDS drugs cost a fortune, some can cost 3000 dollars for 30 tablets. There are no cheap ones.
Here in the U.K. the N.H.S. has to pay for it.
Apparently, the lifetime cost of treating just one HIV infection was calculated at £380,000 in 2015.
So either people with H.I.V. are living a long time, or these drugs are very fucking expensive.

There is another interesting article from the Independent, which says the sales of antiretroviral drugs in the USA in 2009 was $7.7bn. So there’s a few quid in it then. (This doesn’t include the sales from any other form of s.t.i. drugs or potions or lotions).

It’s certainly not just about the expense though. We owe it to the youth to prepare them for life in this messed up world, and if waving a condom in the air can help encourage safer sexual practices, then I think it’s time film directors took some responsibility and started including it in movies.