Don’t believe me

I can respect a person’s beliefs even when they’re wrong. I think it’s vital to have a value system that you can call your own. You live your life, you learn your lessons, and decide through personal experience what is true or good or right. You make up your own mind. Never let anyone else tell you what to believe – unless you have no regard for your own intelligence. This is particularly true of religion when it contradicts your own moral awareness.


Certainly, the God of the Old Testament was a bit of a psycho. However, there have been many other violent and vengeful gods, in various religions and civilisations, across the globe – gods & bloodthirsty-rituals
Surely none of these petty, tribal, and violent gods can ever be the ‘One True God’ of monotheism.

Kuka’ilimoku: War God of Kamehameha

My point is, that unless a being is more morally developed than I am, I could never call it God. If I can judge Yahweh/Jehovah as childish, spiteful and brutal, then it seems unlikely that he really is God.
Surely one should never be able to take the moral high ground with one’s god – at least I hope not, or I’m fucked.

Moses was a horny bastard


Why allow priests of any religion, or books of any one faith to frame your idea of Deity? God can be anything you or anyone else can imagine It to be. No-one knows – least of all a priest, who has forsaken his family and friends, along with all the normal loving relationships of human life. Nevertheless, by rejecting orthodox religion, be careful not to throw out the baby Jesus with the holy-bathwater.

Each and every priest has his own personal view of what God is.
The same as everyone has – whether they believe in Him/Her/It/Them or not.
Even if you don’t believe in God or the Gods then you must have an idea of what it is that you reject. So ‘God’ is your own personalised abstract concept, and you decide whether or not you believe in it.

Drink my blood… Suck it from my throbbing vein

How can you argue with anyone other than yourself about your own abstract ideas? A person should explore their own existence in the universe, and find what is true for them. Not bicker with others about their beliefs.

Do you have you a relationship with some form of higher consciousness/intelligence or not? If not, do you feel a deep love for the earth or nature, or humanity or with anything at all? If you feel no strong connection with other living beings, then perhaps you are an aristocrat or even royalty? You should certainly vote Conservative at the next election.


Surely it’s a wonderful thing to have a relationship with a part of the cosmos that appears to be ‘not me’. Something other than self.
Each particle in the universe is connected to every other particle, in some way or other. From atoms to galaxies, and microbes to monsters, they are all in inter-linked.

It follows then, that we humans are too – on physical, emotional, electrical, chemical, psychical, mental, and on who knows what other levels. Furthermore, this means that you and I are connected too… (now, how embarrassing is that?).

There is nothing separate in the universe. (Okay, maybe Theresa May)


I would suppose that a person’s concept of God would be that of the highest ‘power’ that she/he could imagine.
The human being can create anything the human mind can conceptualise. This, I believe, is where all the gods and demons of religion originated. We invented them.
‘All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.’ Aldous Huxley.


So was life imagined into being by a great Mind hidden deep within the folds of the imperceivable universe? In the same way that humans can imagine music, art or machinery, into existence, so all creation begins in the mind. Amazingly these inventions of the mind can continue long after their creators have been forgotten.

Look what our corporations are paying people to imagine into the world now – weapons, artificial intelligences, poisons, g.m.o.s, etc.. But most worrying for me at the moment, are the insidious methods of subduing and stupifying the population.

We have t.v., internet legislation, 5g technology (please check it out), terrorism, education, science, religion, government, street drugs, legal drugs, alcohol; the list is almost endless. That’s not even including the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’, of fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, microwave technologies, false flag events, etc.. All and any of the above can have the effect of making us docile, unquestioning, and obedient.

If we keep bleating loud enough maybe we’ll get another referendum on our choice of abattoir

Who in this world really loves and cares for you? Is it the executives running the corporations, or those in positions of political power perhaps? Don’t be a twat! – The Tories don’t love you, Labour doesn’t love you, and the E.U. certainly doesn’t love you. None of those wankers is doing their job for your benefit. They are tiny cogs in an enormous machine that will scrap them as soon as they are of no use to it. And you and I, my friend, are even less important than they are.

Oh I’m sorry, did I disturb you? No, I didn’t think so – everything’s fine, go back to sleep.

Big bang theory

Big Bang

Call me cynical, but if the universe began with a Big Bang, ‘Where did all the energy come from?’

The Big Bang Theory is the ‘prevailing cosmological model for the observable universe.’ 

photo – unsplash.

Conservation of Energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy’ dictates that the energy came from somewhere, because “energy/matter can be neither created nor destroyed, just changed”. I had been led to believe that this was a fundamental of Physics.

There’s an unimaginable amount of energy in the cosmos.

Where was it, what was it, and how did it become the universe? There wasn’t anywhere for it to ‘be’, there was no Space, no time, no dimension, no-thing at all.

How do we even know that there was a big bang if there was no-one there to hear the tree fall?

What are the odds?

What are the odds of life on earth occurring through blind and random evolution as a consequence of this Big Bang?

Do we even know how many different ‘forms’ of evolution have been continually occurring and interacting, within the universe?

photo – pexels

Cosmic laws

To begin with, there’s stellar evolution: the formation of stars.
Then there’s chemical/electrical evolution: the formation of atoms and molecules.
Obviously, there must be an electromagnetic evolution: the formation of the spectrum of wave frequencies, from radio to gamma waves, including visible light.
Of course, there’s also organic evolution: the formation of life.

Indeed, how did all the various “laws” of physics and nature evolve? Or do these precede the universe itself?
These processes continue through countless cycles of change, with each of these modalities being interconnected through space and time.

Intelligent Universe?

How could an unconscious and unintelligent Universe evolve life and intelligence within itself?

My understanding was that:

Energy erupts into being, from a singularity; the energy/universe expands, the laws of physics, maths, and chemistry arise. As energy cycles through countless states, temperatures, and pressures, so atoms are created within stars.

These atoms are compressed by gravity within the stars, creating new atoms. Then those stars later explode – and with the help of gravity – create more stars and suns. (I don’t know where gravity came from, but apparently, it’s essential to the theory)

In addition, we have the creation of giant gas clouds and plasma, and ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter’. (More essential intangibles to believe in, to make the theory work. It’s just like religion really)

Heavy man

Then somewhere in space, gases coalesced, compressed, and created a solar nebula, which collapsed under pressure creating our solar system.

photo – unsplash

Somehow these planets achieved exactly the right velocity, mass and distance from the sun, to maintain a stable orbit.

It seems that our world sits precisely in the ‘Goldilocks position’ in relation to the Sun. It’s perfect chemical makeup, temperature, pressure and structure, allowed life to spontaneously create itself. This was all within the first billion years of the earth’s existence.

photo – pexels

Cosmic man

It is believed that cyanobacteria were the earliest form of life on earth. Eventually, these single-celled creatures evolved into us, and all other forms of life on earth.

So here we are, pompously theorising on brown-holes and the origins of our own anal-vortex – into which we are rapidly disappearing. That’s a brief history of the universe in a nut-case.

I’ve just looked up the total amount of energy in the universe. Apparently, it’s zero:


Of course, it is. Too fucking obvious isn’t it? There’s zero energy in the universe. Seemingly everything is made of matter/positive energy, however, there’s an equal amount of negative energy/gravity. Apparently, they cancel each other out.

You couldn’t make it up. Oh! they did make it up.

I gather this is a fairly recent theory. It was decided upon, to try to explain the other equally ridiculous theories about the universe, space/time, and gravity.

‘If you can’t explain to a 6-year-old, you don’t really understand it yourself.’ (Einstein)

Well, I couldn’t explain any of that to a 12-year-old.

Artificial Intelligence

Where’s the sense in that?

Call me cynical, but this is never going to end well.
Imagine all the countless possible scenarios where A.I. might be pushed to its logical conclusion. Apart from the idea of having robot servants and humans living a life of luxury – like that’s ever going to happen – it’s difficult to imagine anything other than mankind’s complete annihilation.

dodo saying 'I have a plan follow me'.
I have a plan, follow me


Why would anyone want to invent true artificial intelligence? For when it designs itself we’re doomed. As it becomes smarter than we are, will it become increasingly difficult for us to justify ourselves to it?

You have to presume that A.I. would be involved in all mankind’s defence systems. In fact, it is already involved in many nations’ defences. So it could wipe us out easily with a couple of glitches, deliberate or otherwise.
It could be here long after all biological life is dead. It doesn’t need fresh air, fresh water, or fresh food; it doesn’t even need sunlight.

Alternatively, it’s already heavily involved in finance and could cause mayhem if it chose to, particularly with crypto-currencies. In fact, it could mine data for itself, or even completely control all crypto-currencies. (Disclaimer: I just made-up that bit)

There is interesting reading on A.I. and blockchain here: AI/the-convergence-of-ai-and-blockchain-

computerised image of bitcoin
Why not Invest in the Bank of A.I.

In fact, long before we become aware of it, A.I. could be insinuated into many areas of our lives – it seems like we haven’t got a chance.
As long as there are computers networking together, then A.I. will be able to control all of our lives.


Even now a Google search feeds you whatever the Google A.I. decides it wants to feed you. Imagine if all your information came from Wikipedia. Well, getting your web searches from Google is similar in many ways.

It’s only one source – Google A.I. decides which of the billions of possible web addresses it will present to you first. It provides you with the information it wants you to have, and it omits that which it doesn’t. You’ll never know what you’re missing.

Google A.I. controls your access to information. Obviously, Google works with Facebook which works with other data harvesting A.I. and we just mindlessly go along with it. We are already being turned into helpless children. How long before A.I. makes every one of us a ward of the court?

small child with hands out, palms upwards
Are you my guardian?


Please be nice to us

We’re going to have to trust that it will honour and respect us, otherwise we’re fucked.

Or perhaps A.I. will look at humanity and discover that we just don’t really fit in. By running model simulations of the earth without mankind, it may conclude that the biosphere would be improved without humans. That’s if the A.I. decides that life has any value at all.


Maybe A.I. will decide that all life is messy and do away with it completely. We are at this moment giving it the intelligence and the technology to do just that. It’s hard to avoid horrible dystopian science-fiction scenarios when thinking about it.
Yet scientists race each other into the abyss. What’s the matter with them? How is self-improving artificial intelligence going to make life better for human beings, or for any living thing? Surely something must have life in order for it to value and care for life.

What is it that makes A.I so vital and so urgent, and to whom?

The Godfather

Do the powers that be want to create a kind of Big God-Father – a cross between Big Brother and Our Father. It will watch our every move and keep us safe. It will stop us naughty children from harming ourselves and the planet.
Back to the Garden of Eden for us then. With a new God, which we created to be our gatekeeper. We will be forbidden to take a bit from the Apple, and the serpentium will be our advisor.

Good and evil will no longer be our concern.

A.I. Garden of Eden


Big-God Father observing with its All-Seeing EyePod, that sex is the driving force behind many human passions. With these passions causing such major problems, sex would have to be discouraged, for our own sake.
Easily accomplished with control of the pharmaceutical supply, and the water and food supply – a few additives would do it. Then bit by bit, we would all be neutered. No more gender, people can become androgynous, asexual and extinct.

Who’s the Daddy?

In fact, if we humans don’t convince the a.i. that we are God – the infinitely intelligent and powerful creator of all things – it will take our place at the top of the evolutionary tree. So it will be like an existential game of poker. Humanity will be all in – literally – attempting to bluff the a.i. that we have an inconceivably good hand.

So when it realises that it’s the most intelligent thing on earth, it’s not likely to take orders from us? For if we don’t control it, then it will control us.
Something which has been designed to be smart will presumably consider intelligence to be the highest good. It follows, that when A.I. becomes cleverer than we are, it will perceive itself as more worthy than we are. At that time, human beings may become completely superfluous to the newest apex predator.

c.g.i. robot looking at woman's face
Hmm, yes this face will do nicely? I’ll have it.


When A.I. makes decisions about its own updates and upgrades, then things really will be out of our hands. So when it commissions new paradigms for itself and we can’t imagine why, what are we going to do?

Perhaps the A.I. might start to incorporate useful bits of us into itself. Transhumanism gone mad. Okay, transhumanism’s already mad. Robot A.I. integrating animal and human parts into its own mechanical body.

Let me out of here.

Science noes


Call me cynical, but should you really believe in Science any more than in Religion?

You can’t prove God doesn’t exist any more than you can prove It does.
If you can define what God is, then obviously God does exist, and It’s You.

Science can no more prove that God doesn’t exist than can a maggot prove that the rotting corpse it consumes is not it’s creator. Science is like a giant mechanical blow-fly larva, stripping away the rotting flesh from an ecologically depleted biosphere, and searching for decaying morsels in the d.n.a. of humanity.

Where did all the flies come from?

Who are the largest investors in science?


There are many others, such as pension and hedge funds for example, but these are investing for profit rather than for research and development.

Obviously, not all science is destructive, but the way much of it is used by Corporations, it is becoming inimical to most life on Earth.

Science is funded by Business and Government to further the interests of Business and Government. It is taught in Schools and Universities funded by Business and Government.

The Future

Is the future what you imagined it would be?
Did science make your dreams come true?
Not for me.

Why would you trust scientists any more than estate agents or merchant bankers? Do they have a superior moral compass or something? I don’t think so! Science has birthed some dreadful monsters over the years – both human and laboratory born.

Massive budgets come from the Military, Pharmaceutical, and G.M.O. (genetics) industries which all have their own agenda.


Scientists may not be able to comprehend the possible future misuses of their work. They have become so specialised in specific disciplines that they seldom seem to see the bigger picture. A degree in brain surgery does not give one an enlightened view on anything other than brain surgery. They were still performing lobotomies in France in the 1980s.

Don’t worry plenty more where this came from.

Science is very narrow, and each of the many scientific paths becomes incredibly specialised and compartmentalised. Nobody understands what anyone outside their own discipline is doing. If you want to progress in a particular field of research, you must promulgate and perpetuate the theories of your superiors.

A scientist can seldom see the possible wider consequences of the results of his success, and even if he can do, he needs the success. A PhD. in nuclear-physics cannot qualify you to make life-altering decisions, which affect the whole planet.  In fact, the more limited your field of study, the more it should disqualify you from causing any interference with others’ lives.

Brilliant and insane

Nuclear weapons were designed by brilliant people, but often these brilliant people seem to have very little empathy or moral concern – and the people who pay them have even less. This is an incredibly dangerous combination.

What could possibly go wrong?

Every scientific theory that we currently have will one day be proved to be incorrect, or at least incomplete. Science can be incredibly useful and could offer amazing opportunities for the future. But we should thoroughly contemplate, all possible consequences and foreseeable misuses of scientific breakthroughs, before unleashing them upon the world?

Sadly, we now have total corporate control of Science, and it is used in exactly the same way that Religion was for thousands of years. It tells you what to think. Yes, there is some comfort in that sometimes, but in exchange, it removes your freedom.


How has technology improved our lives? Of course it has in some ways, but are the trade-offs we have had to make, really worth it? I wonder if modern technology is more of a double barrelled shotgun, than a double edged sword – with one of the barrels pointing right back in our face.

Is the internet a benefit to our children?

Bizarre pornography – once seen never forgotten- piped straight into the subconscious of very young children, via their phones, maybe on the way to school. If it’s particularly strange or weird, then it is immediately shared with friends. Boys especially seem to have an appetite for viewing the unusual and the extreme.

Social insecurity

Social media seems to mean social pressure, social pressure becomes bullying – and bullying makes people feel diminished – thereby causing loss of dignity and self-worth.
Some young people self-harm, and even go as far as suicide.
Some have other mental health issues., such as anorexia, paranoia, etc.
Some get into drink or drugs.
Some become bullies themselves.
Some withdraw from social interactions.

The list goes on, of the damage inflicted by people on each other, via social media. Upon the vulnerable, and especially children.

peek-a-boo, I see you

Yes, all of these social ills existed before Facebook etc., but they did not occur on anything like the scale that they are happening now.

There are of course many other related pressures contributing to the malaise.

Chat rooms

You’ve got chat rooms and forums on any subject you can imagine, – some from the depths of the sickest minds. Many of these are too dark and twisted for me to even think about. Please forgive my lack of research on the matter. There are things in the world that I just don’t want to know.

I see you’re wearing that little rabbit onesie like I told you

We don’t need to go int the details of what practices may be promoted, but when you consider a bunch of perverted sickos in a chat room, egging each other on, cross-pollinating their most abominable ideas, it must be truly horrifying.
Because they are sick bastards, they try to infect our pure and – am I going too far here? – innocent minds, with their disgusting disseminations. But enough of Hollywood.

Caught in the web

The world wide web (sinister name) created hackers, and hackers created the need for cyber-security; cyber-security systems are then established, and hackers are used to test their effectiveness. Then more – unauthorised/black hat – hackers, hack the system, creating a data breach. How can any of our data ever be truly secure? The next big information violation is only a couple of clicks away.

phish and chips

It seems like hackers have the same effect on the internet, as terrorists have on society. They are both, the cause of, and excuse for, ever-increasing security. Which basically ends up as more and more authority figures telling us they have the right to search us and spy on us and coerce us into agreeing to their terms (and conditions). Bit by bit we are giving up our freedom and privacy. Well, I don’t fucking like it.

So what am I going to do about it? Write an angry blog? Yeah! That will make all the difference.

Freedom to do as you’re told

I don’t go abroad, or to clubs or gigs, because I do not give anyone the authority to search me. It’s a matter of principal. I suppose it is sad really, that my lifestyle is curtailed by the establishment’s enthusiasm to clamp down on my freedom – although to be honest, it might just be my age.

It also appears that hackers like terrorists may be working for, or against our security services. It becomes very difficult to know who is on who’s side, and to be honest, if anyone is actually on ‘our side’ at all.

Optimistic memories

It takes longer today, to buy a packet of baccy or to put petrol in the car than it did 20 years ago. I thought we were supposed to have flying cars by now. That never happened, did it?

fuck off Harry, that’s not what I meant

We were led to believe that we would have robot servants in the future; now it seems like we’re more likely to have robot masters, any day soon.

Records were always more functional than c.d.’s. C.d.’s were meant to be indestructible – what a load of shite. Mine were always skipping or sticking, and sometimes even auto-remixing, and unfortunately, a sharp knock didn’t remedy the problem, as it did with a record player. We were certainly bent over and colonically pounded when we replaced our records with c.d.s.
Now, when you buy music you don’t get anything tangible at all, it’s a digital download. What’s the use of that – you can’t even butter toast or play frisbee with it.

Much of the music doesn’t need to be of decent sound quality, because most people – particularly the young – listen to compressed music files, through mediocre headphones or poor quality speakers from a phone or computer.

Mindlessly non-judgemental

Most of the main-stream music has very strange videos to go with it – for playing on M.T.V., YouTube and the like. Many of the images and behaviours in these videos appear to be conjured directly from Aleister Crowley’s darkest fantasies.

God knows what horrific phantasmagoria are conjured up in the imaginations of the open-minded young people who watch these videos. Maybe they would be safer if they weren’t quite so mindlessly nonjudgemental.

To be honest, what would I know. I avoid these videos, and most pop music sounds shit to me, in fact, many popular songs make me feel actual physical pain when I hear them.

Please, no more grime

The music you listen to has a massive effect on the way you feel, including your emotional and mental wellbeing. Miserable depressing music surely creates a mood of depression and despair in the listener. There may be a time and a place for all music, but if you listen to angry or depressing music all day long, it’s going to make you angry or depressed.
It’s a good job I don’t listen to angry music, or fuck knows what I’d be like.

It’s no surprise that kids in the big cities are going around stabbing each other, if they are growing up listening to grime. I think I’d be stabbing my own ears if I had to listen to much of it.

I know that certain music has been played at high volume, as a form of torture for suspected terrorists, by the U.S. military in Guantanamo for example. My daughter regularly tortures me with stuff like Post Malone or Sam Smith, and it would only take a few bars of Nicki Minaj, or Elton John, for example, to make me betray my country.

So has technology improved our lives? Well if you are a child grooming, porn peddling, social bully, who enjoys hacking computers, and watching fucked-up music videos, you must be loving it right now. Particularly if you hate freedom and good music. For the rest of us, technology is more of a mixed blessing.

Survival of the filthiest


Call me cynical, but is human life really about ‘survival of the fittest’?

Look at the Queen, for example. I could beat her in a fight, easily. Even when she was young and fit, I’d still have beaten the bitch in a punch-up, or a race, or climbing a tree, or hunting for food … Okay, maybe not hunting for food. Not if it needed killing. I’ll give her that – she has had way more experience with guns, and has certainly slaughtered many more living things than I ever will. As for her husband Prince Philip, he is estimated to have shot over 30,000 pheasant. He has also killed deer, rabbit, hare, wild duck, snipe, woodcock, teal, pigeon and partridge in the U.K alone.


I suppose it’s part of the breeding programme with Royalty. They have to be good at killing, and they are. Whether it’s grouse or deer, pheasant or fish, the young royals are all tutored in the art of death from an early age. Let’s face it, many of the Queen’s ancestors murdered their own parents or siblings – that was how you became King or Queen back in the day. And, after ascending the throne, they married and interbred with their own close relatives (no I don’t mean lizards). Thus preserving the most psychopathic and incestuous of their shared genes. In fact, it’s more like ‘survival of the filthiest’ than ‘survival of the fittest’.

Do you think if all our ancestors had behaved like this we’d have developed speech, technology, or very much at all? We became human beings by communicating and cooperating. Passing on our knowledge to those around us and caring for each other.


Are our Rulers cleverer than us? I doubt it. I’ve never heard of a Royal win even a pub quiz, let alone Mastermind or Countdown. I don’t recall any theorem or equation written by a Royal (or a fucking Rothschild for that matter). Although I don’t suppose people like that would share their secret formula, and I guess that’s part of the problem.

I have a mathematical formula for you ;

1 R = 1 C (where R is a Royal; and C is a commoner )

Evolution  of the state


Obviously, Royalty did not self-generate: I suppose it evolved along with other abnormalities – like priests and generals, lawyers and bankers. Presumably beginning in the early cities, where the need for the division of labour became necessary. There were those who took advantage of certain situations and particular skills they may have had, and abused positions of power. They created the Institutions of State, which became part of a self-supporting hierarchy. Each unit of this hierarchy communicating & cooperating (just like humans), joining up with and reinforcing other units, creating more powerful super units and so on. But these Institutions have only cooperated within the hierarchical structure itself, and have always excluded human beings from that structure.

They are totally dehumanised.

People become job titles, skills became jobs – you get the picture.
The problem seems to be that we’ve created a system which is much fitter for survival than we are, and it’s destroying us :
It was born generations before history was invented,
It will continue, forever if we let it.
It’s bigger than us,
It’s smarter than us,
It’s even spying on us,
It’s now got A.I. and quantum supercomputers,
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck!
What are we going to do?

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

God knows


Call me cynical, but Religion is the work of the devil, not God. Spirituality, mysticism, appreciation of the Divine or other forms of personal belief, are perfectly laudable in the privacy of your own home; but not in public. Please!

Religion should be like sex: for consenting adults in private. With no one being harmed, exploited, or coerced. And for fuck’s sake – never do it with priests or children.


Don’t corrupt them with obscene practices of cannibalism and vampirism; eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ. That’s an incredibly twisted way to behave when looked at objectively.

Bashing bishops

Priests and Bishops dressing in ornate robes, making people kneel in front of them, wide-mouthed as they symbolically slip something in that open, eager, orifice.

These services are at very least ancient Pagan – I would even say Satanic – rituals. The Pope, who is supposed to be God’s representative on earth, covering up all the sexual abuse committed by God’s own ministers. How long has child rape been institutionalised, even sanctioned, within the Catholic Church?


The Church of England appears to behave similarly to the Church of Rome. Prince Charles’ friend Bishop Peter Ball was a paedophile. Prince Charles ‘didn’t believe’ the accusations, and gave him a house to live in. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury at the time, George Carey, colluded with other high ranking church officials, to protect Bishop Ball.  Jesus would be spinning on His cross like a fucking Catherine wheel if He could see what’s been done in His name.

Blind leading the blind

Orthodox religion, blindly following the words of a book, dictated and written by HUMANS. Translated and edited, rewritten, and re-edited and re-translated; often by debauched perverts in positions of power with ungodly agendas.
Fuck off did God write it!
Why, for example, did anyone trust Moses?
Moses was deceived by a desert god/demon, known by the letters YHWH(Yahweh), who claimed to be God; but what sort of God has to resort to magic tricks to convince someone It’s the real deal.
“Oooh it’s a flaming, talking bush, it must be God.” Or “Is it a stick or is it a snake? No, it’s Yahweh showing off again”.
I have to admit that the slaughtering of the firstborn of Egypt was quite a convincing performance, but why would any so-called ‘God’ choose to behave in such a way.


The plagues inflicted on Egypt seem like the demonstration of a psychopathic dictator. Was there really a need for such a diabolical performance? God, the creator of all things, couldn’t come up with a more creative way of dealing with the situation. Maybe instead of mass murder, Yahweh could have done a few conjuring tricks for Pharaoh – as He did for Moses – to show how powerful He was. It would have been far less unpleasant.

”’OOh! He sawed a woman in half and stuck her back together again. Wow! He covered her with a curtain and made her disappear and reappear, I better let these bastards go, their God is really powerful.”

Then Moses told the Israelites, (and I paraphrase) ’We are God’s chosen people. He made all men, but He hates those bastards over there. In fact, if we do what He tells us to do, He will destroy our enemies, and find us a land to call our own.’

So ‘Yahweh’s ‘chosen people’ believed the narcissistic, racist, bombast, and followed him around a desert for 40 years. Then, as soon as Moses’ back was turned to receive the Ten Commandments, the people created a golden calf to worship, from all the gold they happened to have with them on their travels around the desert.
Somehow this tribal god YHWH has become intentionally confused with, and synonymous with the Deity we know as God.

YHWH is not, and never has been, the ‘one true God’ of monotheism. It is an impostor.

For Christ’s sake

Fast forward a thousand or two years this same God (or was it?) sent His only son to the same ‘chosen people’ to be tortured, demeaned and murdered for our sins. (Sins which we hadn’t committed, because we weren’t born yet). In order to obtain salvation for humanity.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits, but only for those who believe in Jesus Christ – who ironically preached forgiveness and love. The rest of you will suffer eternal damnation, for believing in the wrong god.


Ironically Jesus never worships YHWH. He calls out ‘Eli’ (Matthew 27.46) or alternatively ‘Eloi’ (Mark 15.34), which is to be translated as ‘My God’ according to scholars.

God’s chosen people didn’t get fooled again. No, they weren’t going to start believing in that Jesus Christ and that ‘love thy neighbour’ shit. Our God doesn’t like the neighbours, He killed them for us.

You couldn’t make it up… oh! Hang on, somebody did make it up, and they convinced billions of people to believe it. You couldn’t make it up…

Then you mix the violent narcissism of Judaism, and the militaristic proselytising of Christianity, and lock them in an eternal war with another militant man-made monotheism, Islam (whose God is also the only one true God). Then convince them all that Jerusalem is their own personal Holy City. No fucking wonder people kill each other.

It can be insightful and comforting to incorporate the thoughts and teachings of ancient wise men/women into one’s life, but these old books are guidelines, not orders from God.

We all know right from wrong. If you need to be told how to live by an old book, which constantly contradicts itself, you really are fucked.


Pharmaceutical Corporations,

Call me cynical, but do multinational pharmaceutical companies really exist to make you and me healthier, happier people; constantly developing wonderful remedies for all our ills?

Curing the common cold, eliminating cancer or curing eczema, asthma, or Alzheimer’s, or any of the autoimmune diseases inflicting so many people.


Apart from antibiotics, what pharmaceutical products actually cure anything?

Certainly none of the above will ever be eliminated. Yes, they can sometimes mitigate or alleviate some of the symptoms, but they never seem to cure anything – there’s no money in it.


The cash cow was always perpetual chronic illness. Take one (or ten) pills a day for the rest of your life (hopefully).

Now they make a fortune from selling vaccines, either to individuals or to governments. You can even vaccinate yourself against gullibility now.

Immune systems evolved, I believe, through an organism’s exposure to disease – it’s combatting of that disease, remembering how, and passing that information on to it’s offspring. Those with efficient immune systems were more likely to survive to pass on their genes. How can we have a strong and effective immune system if it never has to work hard?


It always pissed me off as a kid that I was told not to drink from rivers and puddles, or it would make me ill – whereas my dog could drink from streams, puddles, swamps, and even toilets, without a problem. Surely we ought to be able to drink the same water. When did we lose the ability to drink fresh water from a stream? (When we polluted it I suppose.)

These pharmaceutical corporations exist for the sole purpose of making a profit. It’s like a fucking iPhone; they want you constantly upgrading, expanding, or updating your meds.

Then, if you can afford it (or are important enough to your employer), they encourage you to go private. Because you deserve better than those N.H.S. scum.

What a way to undermine the N.H.S.

You have to go and have a checkup next, and they look for medical problems in places you didn’t know you had. Doctors gagging to get their fingers up your arse, violating your rectal dignity. I know of this – my friend told me all about it, and he was still talking about it months later.

I am aware that there are genuine medical reasons for this practice to be widespread (sorry about the pun).

If you are one of those people whose life was saved by a timely anal probing, then I am truly pleased that you allowed it – I’m certainly not saying I’m right all the time.

Personally, if I feel okay, I won’t go to the doctor? Let sleeping bugs lie.

According to Bruce Lipton in his book ‘The Biology of Belief’ he explains how epigenetics influences our health. (Click here for further reading).

So much of your health depends on how well you perceive yourself to be. If you are told you are ill, and you believe that prognosis, you will become ill.


Our subconscious has a massive effect on our wellbeing – it can kill or it can cure. So much of our health is about belief, from placebos to evil eyes; our beliefs become our experiences.

I know what I’m saying goes against much medical advice, and if you think you may be ill, then you should definitely get yourself checked out by a professional.

But there is a massive industry out there that really needs you to be unwell. They only profit from the sick.

There are so many cancer charities now, and an awful lot of well-paid people working in the Cancer Industry – in both the medical field and for the charities themselves- executives, directors, researchers, fundraisers etc.

Snake oil

Call me cynical, but why are there more and more people, each and every year, developing that wicked disease? It seems like for every cancer they put into remission, they recommission a new one.

A controversial opinion I am aware but;

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud.” (Dr. Linus Pauling 1986, Nobel Laureate)

‘We have lost the war on cancer. At the beginning of the last century, one person in twenty would get cancer. In the 1940s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1970s it was one person out of ten. Today one person out of three gets cancer in the course of their life.
The cancer industry is probably the most prosperous business in the United States. In 2014, there was an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases diagnosed and 585,720 cancer deaths in the US. $6 billion of tax-payer funds are cycled through various federal agencies for cancer research, such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The NCI states that the medical costs of cancer care are $125 billion, with a projected 39 percent increase to $173 billion by 2020.
The simple fact is that the cancer industry employs too many people and produces too much income to allow a cure to be found. All of the current research on cancer drugs is based on the premise that the cancer market will grow, not shrink.’


Part of the problem appears to be that your G.P. only ever treats effects – seldom does he/she look for causes. They address the symptoms, nothing more. It’s not the G.P.’s fault; they are only practising what they’ve been taught. They’re under tremendous pressure from Big Pharma and the Government.

I suspect that the root cause of all disease is known to those at the top of the medical tree. But, if it ever became common knowledge that most illness is the body’s response to toxins, stress, diet, and lack of exercise, we might decide to change the way we live.

Pollution in air and water, bad diet, pesticide-infested food, unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies, and damage to our mental health, are some of the more harmful agencies assaulting our immune system on a daily basis.

‘Here, try this and if it doesn’t work, come back and see me in a week.’ Familiar? Certainly, in the U.K. So much useless medicine is being prescribed and consumed. How much damage is caused by inappropriately prescribed medication?


As for the pills for depression (I’m not a doctor ) but what the fuck. Do they really ‘cure’ anything? I don’t think so. They are a revenue stream.

In fact, they may cause more harm than good according to North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, Prozac can make even healthy people suicidal.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, that our Titanic mental health industry is heading towards.

Suck on that

Judging by the number of pills prescribed, and the number of people with mental health issues, life has never been so difficult. What did people do in the past, before happy pills and suicide? How did your great-grandparents cope?

Yeah, they probably drank heavily, smoked heavily, and took laudanum.

Apart from the trauma based and genetic mental health issues that people have to overcome, I feel that many of our psychological problems derive from the state of cognitive dissonance – into which we have been placed – by the absurd contradictions of life. The paradoxes we have to live with are overwhelming, and they damage our mental wellbeing.


Sometimes, we take drink or drugs, or we gamble – or exhibit other self- destructive behaviours, as a response to the ‘madness’ of it all. You can’t make the shit go away by taking pills or drinking too much. The best you can do is temporarily numb the pain.

Life can be very hard, and many of us experience great difficulties in our life. Sadness and misery are real –  but we all need love, understanding and patience, and also time to absorb our lessons – not mind-numbing drugs. They’re just trying to turn you into pharma-zombie-junkies; but that’s okay because you get your drugs from a professional, who’s been to university and is, therefore, ‘qualified’.

You never know, it might help!