Don’t believe me

I can respect a person’s beliefs even when they’re wrong. I think it’s vital to have a value system that you can call your own. You live your life, you learn your lessons, and decide through personal experience what is true or good or right. You make up your own mind. Never let anyone else tell you what to believe – unless you have no regard for your own intelligence. This is particularly true of religion when it contradicts your own moral awareness.


Certainly, the God of the Old Testament was a bit of a psycho. However, there have been many other violent and vengeful gods, in various religions and civilisations, across the globe – gods & bloodthirsty-rituals
Surely none of these petty, tribal, and violent gods can ever be the ‘One True God’ of monotheism.

Kuka’ilimoku: War God of Kamehameha

My point is, that unless a being is more morally developed than I am, I could never call it God. If I can judge Yahweh/Jehovah as childish, spiteful and brutal, then it seems unlikely that he really is God.
Surely one should never be able to take the moral high ground with one’s god – at least I hope not, or I’m fucked.

Moses was a horny bastard


Why allow priests of any religion, or books of any one faith to frame your idea of Deity? God can be anything you or anyone else can imagine It to be. No-one knows – least of all a priest, who has forsaken his family and friends, along with all the normal loving relationships of human life. Nevertheless, by rejecting orthodox religion, be careful not to throw out the baby Jesus with the holy-bathwater.

Each and every priest has his own personal view of what God is.
The same as everyone has – whether they believe in Him/Her/It/Them or not.
Even if you don’t believe in God or the Gods then you must have an idea of what it is that you reject. So ‘God’ is your own personalised abstract concept, and you decide whether or not you believe in it.

Drink my blood… Suck it from my throbbing vein

How can you argue with anyone other than yourself about your own abstract ideas? A person should explore their own existence in the universe, and find what is true for them. Not bicker with others about their beliefs.

Do you have you a relationship with some form of higher consciousness/intelligence or not? If not, do you feel a deep love for the earth or nature, or humanity or with anything at all? If you feel no strong connection with other living beings, then perhaps you are an aristocrat or even royalty? You should certainly vote Conservative at the next election.


Surely it’s a wonderful thing to have a relationship with a part of the cosmos that appears to be ‘not me’. Something other than self.
Each particle in the universe is connected to every other particle, in some way or other. From atoms to galaxies, and microbes to monsters, they are all in inter-linked.

It follows then, that we humans are too – on physical, emotional, electrical, chemical, psychical, mental, and on who knows what other levels. Furthermore, this means that you and I are connected too… (now, how embarrassing is that?).

There is nothing separate in the universe. (Okay, maybe Theresa May)


I would suppose that a person’s concept of God would be that of the highest ‘power’ that she/he could imagine.
The human being can create anything the human mind can conceptualise. This, I believe, is where all the gods and demons of religion originated. We invented them.
‘All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.’ Aldous Huxley.


So was life imagined into being by a great Mind hidden deep within the folds of the imperceivable universe? In the same way that humans can imagine music, art or machinery, into existence, so all creation begins in the mind. Amazingly these inventions of the mind can continue long after their creators have been forgotten.

Look what our corporations are paying people to imagine into the world now – weapons, artificial intelligences, poisons, g.m.o.s, etc.. But most worrying for me at the moment, are the insidious methods of subduing and stupifying the population.

We have t.v., internet legislation, 5g technology (please check it out), terrorism, education, science, religion, government, street drugs, legal drugs, alcohol; the list is almost endless. That’s not even including the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’, of fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, microwave technologies, false flag events, etc.. All and any of the above can have the effect of making us docile, unquestioning, and obedient.

If we keep bleating loud enough maybe we’ll get another referendum on our choice of abattoir

Who in this world really loves and cares for you? Is it the executives running the corporations, or those in positions of political power perhaps? Don’t be a twat! – The Tories don’t love you, Labour doesn’t love you, and the E.U. certainly doesn’t love you. None of those wankers is doing their job for your benefit. They are tiny cogs in an enormous machine that will scrap them as soon as they are of no use to it. And you and I, my friend, are even less important than they are.

Oh I’m sorry, did I disturb you? No, I didn’t think so – everything’s fine, go back to sleep.

The joy of dog walking

I was out for a walk the other day, with my dog, when she stopped and squatted. Her back end quivered, and joy of joys, I realised she was having a poo.
Sod’s law, we were on a footpath and it naturally fell to me to pick up her excrement. It’s most unpleasant when it’s still steaming and squishy, in your hands when you haven’t got a bag with you. Fortunately, I had one that day. But it still it feels very wrong – as if you are picking up warm fresh dog logs with bare hands.

At this point, I really ought to apologise to my lovely little dog for embarrassing and shaming her in this blog. But she loves me so much that I’m pretty sure she’ll forgive me.

One thing that is certainly not best served fresh

I got to thinking. Here we are, humanity, perhaps the earth’s most sophisticated achievement. Certainly, the most intellectual and technological species existing on this planet, yet here I am picking up warm fresh dog turds.
Well, it certainly brings you down to size. Surely in this day and age, someone could come up with a better way of removing dog-shit from a footpath.

Snooty bastard

Call me snobby if you want to, but I really do think I am too good to be picking up dog’s excrement. I am a law abiding – but more importantly – considerate citizen, so I do bag it up when she craps on the footpath. Then I wander around with my little package of poo, looking for a bin to put it in. It’s undignified and it makes me feel like a right twat.

What a twat

I don’t know why the person I think of as ‘me’, is alive in human form and on planet earth. Whether my being in this world is the accidental result of trillions of infinitely unlikely coincidences, a God-given mission, or something that I am to make up for myself as I go, I cannot tell you. However, whatever my reason for being here, I did not arrive on this beautiful planet to pick up fucking dog-shit.

We have put men on the moon (allegedly), and we’ve invented some amazing things, but nothing for dog shit disposal.

Genetically modified

I was thinking that maybe we could put all that genetic engineering to good use for once. Breed a dog that eats its own shit.
Furthermore, we could invent a tasty topping with added vitamins that we could sprinkle or spray on the turds. This would be to make the faeces both delicious and nutritious so the dog would really benefit from eating it. Yummy Pedigree bum chum, so to speak

Granted you may have to form a different relationship with your dog. For example, you might not want it licking your face ever again. I must add – and I hope she can forgive me for saying this – I don’t honestly think that my dog’s breath could smell any worse if she did eat her own shit.

Death breath

Perhaps we should add breath freshener to the nutrition sprinkles that we put on that tasty little turd-burger.

Make it crunchy

Okay, maybe not the most popular idea ever, but we ought to do something. How about a spray that would dissolve or desiccate the faecal matter rendering it harmless. Sadly, I imagine that would be damaging to the environment.
Nevertheless, there are few things more difficult or unpleasant to remove from a shoe, than squidgy squelchy doggy dung. Therefore a spray that made it crunchy would be a massive improvement.

I can see no immediate solution to this problem, so dog owners are going to be stooping for stools indefinitely.

Who’s the intelligent one?

Nature’s most intelligent creation, wandering down the street with a bag of dog shit in his/her hand. While Rover runs off thinking ‘I don’t know why the idiot doesn’t sniff it nice and fresh as I do. Fucking weirdo, picking it up and carrying it around with him. Is he not happy with the mounds of it that I do for him in the back garden?’

How can anything shit out more than it eats?

Strange fruit

Nevertheless, any of these alternatives are preferable to the latest invasive plant species. You know, those trees with those black polythene-like hanging fruits, which line so many pathways nowadays. Oh no, they aren’t fruits, they are bags of dog shit. Some fuckwit, one day thought ‘I’ll hang this package of shite from this bush, and pick it up later’. Yeah right.

Hedgerow bling

Subsequently, some other twat walked past with their bag of poop, saw the new fruit and thought, ‘What a brilliant idea, I’ll hang my bag of shit from a tree too’. Then before you know it, every wayside tree is decorated with doggy-do baubles. It’s particularly unpleasant as bags bio-degrade, then when it rains they drip droplets of faeces on passers-by, like filthy melting icicles.

It’s no surprise then that human/dog relationships can be a bit topsy-turvy. How can your dog respect you when you grovel on the ground picking up his shite, and then you hang it in a tree?

Brainwashing and behaviour

BBC  Brainwashing & Behaviour Control

The BBC has been an integral part of repeated cover ups, and continual misinformation in the UK for generations and generations.

Its directive has been to ‘inform, educate and entertain’ since 1922, and it has been misleading the public since then.

Always look a little close

In fact, during the General Strike of 1926, the BBC played a crucial role in breaking the strike. They lied to the public about the number of striking railwaymen. They also refused to allow the Archbishop of Canterbury to air his suggestion to resolve the strike.

In addition to that, all news had to be vetted by John Davidson, chairman of the Conservative Party. He refused any air time to Labour M.P.s or Trades Union officials.

Framing perceptions

Then as now, when it comes to framing the public’s perceptions, that which is omitted is as important as that which is included. Propaganda was one of the earliest functions of the BBC. Its headquarters were established at Broadcasting House in Westminster, and that gives us a clue as to who runs the show.

Paedophiles appear to have haunted their corridors (and our screens) almost since its inception, and the list of child abusers who have worked for the BBC is as long as the list of child-abusing M.P.s. (Well, almost)
You know all the most famous – but it’s not just the major celebs who have been doing it. People in every area of BBC television and radio have been involved in, or at least turned a blind eye to, so many immoral and deviant behaviours for years.

Fancy a job at the Beeb?

Nah! sorry, this is boring, we know what’s been going on, there’s no point in me repeating what you know already.

Between the BBC and Westminster, there is no way of getting to the facts. It’s cover up after cover up, each one covering the other’s arse, making sure the truth can’t sodomise either one of them.

But if, God forbid, there was serious criminality happening at the highest levels of society, and involving some of the most prominent people in the world, there is no way that these crimes could be admitted publicly.

It would bring the whole established order to its knees. We would lose faith in our betters.

Perhaps the greatest abuse of power is the covering up of others crimes.


Criminals and abusers

Who would vote for the pig poking P.M.? Oh, I guess some of you did.

How about the child molesting Education Minister, and his friend the porn peddling Minister for Digital, Culture, and Media, (broadcasting and internet).

The sheep shagging Minister of Agriculture would soon be out of his post.

While the human trafficker and smack smuggler – the Minister for International Trade – would have to traffic himself, and the tax dodging Treasury Minister out of the country, to avoid a lynching.

These are only hypothetical, but it would not be the first time that a fox has been put in charge of the chickens. In fact, in many ways, it seems to be the way the world is run. The most unsuitable people are attracted to the most unsuitable positions – they can always be relied upon to keep quiet, and they’re very easy to blackmail.


If the public was properly informed of the bizarre sexual practices of certain members of our beloved royal family, then we would put them either in prison or an insane asylum.

Yes, I’d love to be Harry’s godfather thank you.

The rich and famous have important jobs running the country and being famous, they cannot be challenged on the details of their personal life. Not while they are alive anyway.
Therefore there is no way that the Government controlled BBC would ever be allowed to tell the truth… about anything.

Porky Pies

Look at David Cameron and the pig-gate debacle. ‘I did not have sexual relations with that pig’s head.’ As though putting his not so honourable member in its mouth isn’t as depraved as if he’d put it in the ‘other end’.
They made a big deal about the pig being dead – apparently, that also made the act less disgusting. Well if it had been a human head that he’d poked his penis into, would it have been less or more disgusting if the person was dead?

Should I cut off it’s head first Mr. Cameron?

Excuse me for asking, but how aroused was he when the alleged incident occurred? I can’t be the only person to wonder if he had a hard-on while performing said act. To my mind, there’s a world of difference between a floppy and a woody in those circumstances.

 If he was erect, then he was turned on, and that’s a scary thought. Do you really want a man who can get a hard cock from a pig’s head as your M.P.? – You certainly wouldn’t want him as your head-chef.

He has never denied having an erection during the aforementioned deed, so perhaps this can be viewed as an admission of guilt.

Television programming.

Look into my lies

So what is the meaning of the word ‘programme’?

according to the English Oxford living Dictionary
Programme means :

  a) A set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.
 c) A series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine (or people?).

 a) Provide (a computer or other machine – or viewer) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a task.
  b) Input (instructions for the automatic performance of a task) into a computer or other machine (or person).
  c) Cause (a person or animal) to behave in a predetermined way. (the italics are mine).

 So when you look at some of those meanings with a cynical eye, an innocent-sounding word such as ‘programme’ becomes much more insidious.

Come on, you didn’t really think television was for your entertainment.

Angel or Demented

I try to live my life being a decent man. I feel that to be better than decent in this day and age is nigh on impossible. Particularly living in the capitalistic West, where the pursuit of money is seen as the highest good.

I suppose, when I see the people on t.v., I subconsciously compare myself to them – the politicians, celebs, and the outrageously wealthy, and I decide that I’m a pretty okay human being really. Sometimes I can just about convince myself I’m almost saintly.

Blowing or sucking?

Then on other occasions, I wonder if maybe I’m just a miserable, twisted, ungrateful, judgemental, disenchanted nazi (but enough about my good points).

It’s only words

My kids remind me, my missus reminds me, even my few remaining living friends remind me – I can be a grumpy, contrary, argumentative bastard – even when I’m in a good mood. My family only seem to get upset with me when I speak – I don’t know what’s the matter with them – they are over sensitive I think. They know I’m a decent man, so I don’t know why they get so cross over so little; just because I used the wrong tone of voice, or an inappropriate choice of words, miserable bastards.

I may appear to have an occasional moment of incandescence, and rant as though I’m prepared to cast someone to eternal damnation, even though I’ve never met them. It may just be some tosser off the telly or – it may be an advert, or perhaps a politician – it might even be the whole of BBC Radio 4.

But I’m never as angry as I appear to be, and I never wish to cause actual harm to any of the rich and famous, prostituted puppets, upon whom I so regularly vent my spleen.

Fake Rage

You see this…

I suppose “fake rage” is like a safety valve for me. I simply won’t let those hapless soul-whores dishearten me.
Fake rage is a way of transforming despair and hopelessness into something more positive and constructive. Well maybe not exactly constructive, more like amusing – at least for me, others don’t always see the funny side. They see a deranged middle-aged man shouting at the telly, whereas I feel only love.
It’s a way for me to cope with the egregious and ridiculous performance, that is force fed to us through all forms of media today, but particularly through television.

I seem to have convinced myself that because I wish no harm, that that in itself makes me a good person; and when I compare myself to almost anyone famous – it makes me feel almost like a saint.

..but I feel this

I suppose an absence of evil doesn’t necessarily make someone or something good. Anyway, it’s hard to work out where I am on the Angel/Demon scale – and even more difficult to work out other peoples position. I don’t have enough information to rate myself, let alone anyone else – but I still like to I try.

Don’t judge me

I probably shouldn’t judge others, but if they’re on telly regularly then they are asking for it.

I do have the right to judge myself – but that’s okay. I’m a good lawyer, the jury’s always very understanding, and I have a very lenient judge – so I usually get off with a caution.
I still swear at the telly and shock the family with my fake rage, bile, and apparent contempt, for seemingly innocuous celebrities. If someone is on the telly then they are inviting me to pass an opinion upon their very right to exist, with all the fake rage I can muster..

Perhaps I am being too harsh on the players in this pantomime. Possibly the participants in this perverse performance, rationalise their behaviour in the same way that I do when judging themselves; if indeed, they ever have time for self-reflection.

Sadly, it seems that if these twats from tellyland don’t hold themselves to account soon, they’ll make moral miscreants out of most of us. The influence of the cult of celebrity is pervasive and affects the thoughts and behaviour of so many people.

The rich and famous have their top lawyers to protect them from justice. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone to protect us from the rich and famous. Lady Justice was blindfolded in sex games with royalty years ago and has not seen the truth since then. Her scales are used for weighing drugs, and her sword is used for chopping out lines of coke.

I’ll have a gram please

Lady Justice is neither a lady nor just. She’s just another cog in the machinery of power. She helps to maintain the status quo – ensuring that nothing changes, and that power remains where it has always been.

Out of sight.


How has technology improved our lives? Of course it has in some ways, but are the trade-offs we have had to make, really worth it? I wonder if modern technology is more of a double barrelled shotgun, than a double edged sword – with one of the barrels pointing right back in our face.

Is the internet a benefit to our children?

Bizarre pornography – once seen never forgotten- piped straight into the subconscious of very young children, via their phones, maybe on the way to school. If it’s particularly strange or weird, then it is immediately shared with friends. Boys especially seem to have an appetite for viewing the unusual and the extreme.

Social insecurity

Social media seems to mean social pressure, social pressure becomes bullying – and bullying makes people feel diminished – thereby causing loss of dignity and self-worth.
Some young people self-harm, and even go as far as suicide.
Some have other mental health issues., such as anorexia, paranoia, etc.
Some get into drink or drugs.
Some become bullies themselves.
Some withdraw from social interactions.

The list goes on, of the damage inflicted by people on each other, via social media. Upon the vulnerable, and especially children.

peek-a-boo, I see you

Yes, all of these social ills existed before Facebook etc., but they did not occur on anything like the scale that they are happening now.

There are of course many other related pressures contributing to the malaise.

Chat rooms

You’ve got chat rooms and forums on any subject you can imagine, – some from the depths of the sickest minds. Many of these are too dark and twisted for me to even think about. Please forgive my lack of research on the matter. There are things in the world that I just don’t want to know.

I see you’re wearing that little rabbit onesie like I told you

We don’t need to go int the details of what practices may be promoted, but when you consider a bunch of perverted sickos in a chat room, egging each other on, cross-pollinating their most abominable ideas, it must be truly horrifying.
Because they are sick bastards, they try to infect our pure and – am I going too far here? – innocent minds, with their disgusting disseminations. But enough of Hollywood.

Caught in the web

The world wide web (sinister name) created hackers, and hackers created the need for cyber-security; cyber-security systems are then established, and hackers are used to test their effectiveness. Then more – unauthorised/black hat – hackers, hack the system, creating a data breach. How can any of our data ever be truly secure? The next big information violation is only a couple of clicks away.

phish and chips

It seems like hackers have the same effect on the internet, as terrorists have on society. They are both, the cause of, and excuse for, ever-increasing security. Which basically ends up as more and more authority figures telling us they have the right to search us and spy on us and coerce us into agreeing to their terms (and conditions). Bit by bit we are giving up our freedom and privacy. Well, I don’t fucking like it.

So what am I going to do about it? Write an angry blog? Yeah! That will make all the difference.

Freedom to do as you’re told

I don’t go abroad, or to clubs or gigs, because I do not give anyone the authority to search me. It’s a matter of principal. I suppose it is sad really, that my lifestyle is curtailed by the establishment’s enthusiasm to clamp down on my freedom – although to be honest, it might just be my age.

It also appears that hackers like terrorists may be working for, or against our security services. It becomes very difficult to know who is on who’s side, and to be honest, if anyone is actually on ‘our side’ at all.

Optimistic memories

It takes longer today, to buy a packet of baccy or to put petrol in the car than it did 20 years ago. I thought we were supposed to have flying cars by now. That never happened, did it?

fuck off Harry, that’s not what I meant

We were led to believe that we would have robot servants in the future; now it seems like we’re more likely to have robot masters, any day soon.

Records were always more functional than c.d.’s. C.d.’s were meant to be indestructible – what a load of shite. Mine were always skipping or sticking, and sometimes even auto-remixing, and unfortunately, a sharp knock didn’t remedy the problem, as it did with a record player. We were certainly bent over and colonically pounded when we replaced our records with c.d.s.
Now, when you buy music you don’t get anything tangible at all, it’s a digital download. What’s the use of that – you can’t even butter toast or play frisbee with it.

Much of the music doesn’t need to be of decent sound quality, because most people – particularly the young – listen to compressed music files, through mediocre headphones or poor quality speakers from a phone or computer.

Mindlessly non-judgemental

Most of the main-stream music has very strange videos to go with it – for playing on M.T.V., YouTube and the like. Many of the images and behaviours in these videos appear to be conjured directly from Aleister Crowley’s darkest fantasies.

God knows what horrific phantasmagoria are conjured up in the imaginations of the open-minded young people who watch these videos. Maybe they would be safer if they weren’t quite so mindlessly nonjudgemental.

To be honest, what would I know. I avoid these videos, and most pop music sounds shit to me, in fact, many popular songs make me feel actual physical pain when I hear them.

Please, no more grime

The music you listen to has a massive effect on the way you feel, including your emotional and mental wellbeing. Miserable depressing music surely creates a mood of depression and despair in the listener. There may be a time and a place for all music, but if you listen to angry or depressing music all day long, it’s going to make you angry or depressed.
It’s a good job I don’t listen to angry music, or fuck knows what I’d be like.

It’s no surprise that kids in the big cities are going around stabbing each other, if they are growing up listening to grime. I think I’d be stabbing my own ears if I had to listen to much of it.

I know that certain music has been played at high volume, as a form of torture for suspected terrorists, by the U.S. military in Guantanamo for example. My daughter regularly tortures me with stuff like Post Malone or Sam Smith, and it would only take a few bars of Nicki Minaj, or Elton John, for example, to make me betray my country.

So has technology improved our lives? Well if you are a child grooming, porn peddling, social bully, who enjoys hacking computers, and watching fucked-up music videos, you must be loving it right now. Particularly if you hate freedom and good music. For the rest of us, technology is more of a mixed blessing.

BBC & Brexit


I’m still trying to get my head around this one. I listened to an awful lot of BBC pre-Brexit bollocks. And since the referendum, I have listened to even bigger piles of Brexit bullshit, from all sides of this disorganised brewery trip.

Granted, most of that came from Radio 4 – I don’t watch BBC TV because I won’t buy a television license to pay for my own indoctrination. In fact, I don’t watch any TV news at all. It’s damaging to my health – it makes me frustrated, miserable and angry; what’s the point?

Why do I need to know the ‘official version’ of what’s going on in the world? It’s too fucking depressing. Wars, starvation, climate change, plagues. The list goes on. Why do I need to be informed of all of this? Can I change any of it? I don’t think so.


The news, whether it’s from BBC, Fox, CNN, Channel4, etc. is always so tenebrific (it seemed like an appropriate word when I looked in the thesaurus).

Miserable bastards, fuck off and leave me alone. There is never anything uplifting or even comforting in any of these broadcasts. The best you’re going to get is confused – particularly when they appear to be trying to present a balanced view. Most of what we receive is one-sided propaganda.

My perception of the Brexit coverage was that I was being talked down to by everyone at the BBC. We were being advised that if we knew what was good for us, we would vote to remain with the E.U.

The real puzzle for me is how, after receiving Auntie Beeb’s advice, the British people were so determined not to do as they were instructed.

Naughty naughty.

There seemed little doubt, the pollsters had figured out, that we were going to vote to remain; only a stupid, racist xenophobe would want to leave the convenience and multi-cultural safety of Brussels.

Skew you

I read that influencers of social media (Cambridge Analytica, among others), were supposed to have digitally targeted certain individuals to skew the vote. However, the people that I know who voted to leave are not at all racist, do not hate immigrants, and don’t use social media. They voted to leave, primarily because they wanted to retain sovereignty or delay globalization.

This one’s for you Theresa

The main benefit of leaving the E.U. – if we are allowed to leave – is that when things go tits-up, we can hold the Monarch and the Prime Minister to account, execute them, and reconstitute Parliament so that it is fit for purpose – which it hasn’t been for years. It’s outmoded and outdated, and I don’t think anyone feels that they have a voice.

Government seems to be a financial exercise, and nothing more. Robbing Peter (us), to pay Paul (the banks). Surely it should be about running more than the economy.

I think we should be building gallows and guillotines, right now, for Theresa, Boris, Jeremy, the D.U.P. – in fact, all of our politicians, for the pig’s ear they have made of the whole Brexit debacle. Not one of them seems to have behaved honourably, or with integrity, or for the benefit of the country. In fact, I don’t recall hearing a single intelligent, constructive utterance from an m.p. since the vote. Not a sign of leadership from anyone. They are pathetic.

All of our so-called politicians seem to be acting in a way which is detrimental to the U.K. Why? All the while, the BBC is spreading doom and gloom. This must be Government policy because the BBC is not independent.

Limbo Bimbo

Have you no dignity, Theresa, you are embarrassing everyone.

We now have Theresa May trying to limbo under the bar set by the E.U. As she bends over backwards, with her hair scraping the ground, and her crotch thrusting upwards towards Michel Barnier’s disgusted face, and she tries to jerk herself spasmodically forwards, inch by inch. But she never gets very far before she fucks up and has to start again. For each successive attempt, the bar is lowered a little bit more. As we can see she is an embarrassing dancer and a worse negotiator.

Or is this the point. Our politicians are demonstrating that they are completely useless. They cannot be trusted with anything, therefore we need to remain within the E.U. – in the hopefully slightly more capable hands of Brussels. Surely Europe can’t fuck things up as badly as Theresa Comewhat-May.

via Gfycat

Or can they? Of course they can. There is not a single reason why the bureaucratic bullshitters of Brussels should be any more competent than the waffling wankers of Westminster. People are falling out with their governments right across Europe at the moment.

What can we do when the E.U. screws up? Get a cross-Channel ferry, and flood into Calais like an escaping army of illegal immigrants – desperate to get back home. Then perhaps we could persuade the yellow jackets to join us, and we march onwards to Brussels together, the people of Europe united as we overthrow all corrupt governments (are there any other types of government?).

Anyway, who would we execute when we finally reach E.U. headquarters? The bureaucrats are faceless, and who can identify their local M.E.P.? Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s essential to know whose head it is that I’m chopping off.

Altogether now.

Strange me advocating to retain Sovereignty, when I don’t even want to retain the Sovereign, now there’s another paradox.

Deutchland Deutchland: so good, they named it twice

Who do you think you are kidding…?

It seems ironic that the most economically powerful country in Europe, is the country which supposedly lost the First and Second World Wars. How the fuck did that happen? They even lost their finest scientists to N.A.S.A. and the O.S.S. (C.I.A.) in America. Not to mention their other top chaps who escaped to South America.

Credit to Germany though; didn’t they do well. Wasn’t one of the objectives of the Third Reich a unified Europe, led by Germany? Nearly there lads.

How did Germany become so economically and politically powerful?

National Wealth Service

I can remember that Britain seemed to have a fairly broad-based economy before we joined the Common Market. There was a substantial manufacturing industry, coal and steel industries, and the nation owned the utility companies.

Granted, we were still living off the spoils of hundreds of years of imperialist plunder, but that was all flogged off on the cheap by Margaret Thatcher. (Sadly, I cannot spell the sound of mucus being dragged from the back of my throat, and then hockled out as a mucilaginous glob of viscose phlegm, so you’ll have to imagine it).

Now our economy relies upon the financial sector, the service industries, and mountains of debt.

It is argued by some, that we were illegally taken into the Common Market in 1972, by the then Prime Minister Ted Heath. In fact according to Vernon Coleman – Britain never actually joined the E.U.

Heath has been accused by many of being a paedophile.He was also the person who proposed Jimmy Savile for an O.B.E. So Heath obviously had a perfect pedo pedigree, making him eminently blackmailable. He was always going to be somebody’s bitch.

You get the boat, I’ll get the kids

I realise the E.U. in principle could be a great idea. But how can we trust the people in charge? Whose interests do they serve, and how can you hold them to account? These questions cannot be answered on a National level, so it’s much more difficult to answer them on a Pan-European basis.

I know the E.U. is not to blame for everything that’s wrong, obviously, America has wreaked havoc upon the world for a hundred years or more, and with Trump as President… Well, who knows how that will end?


Yes, Britain has probably had the most pernicious effect of all, and I think it’s time we started setting a better example. But that ought to be done by us finding a more intelligent cooperative and thoughtful way of living – and a more egalitarian way of running the country – instead of squabbling over the result of that divisive referendum.

Friends, families, and workmates have fallen out over Brexit. I wouldn’t want to fall out with anyone over it. Why can’t we have different opinions without hating each other for having them? It doesn’t have to be a disaster, but it will be if we let it.

p.s. I do not seriously advocate the execution of any royalty or politicians, although I think a certain amount of torture may be appropriate for some.

Bankers and other rhymes


If I lent you a tenner I would not expect you to pay me back £ 10.02 next week (the 2p being interest); you’d give me a tenner and I’d be happy just to have been repaid.

Normal people don’t add interest to debt.

Even your local drug dealer doesn’t charge interest for a ‘lay on’.


But if you got a loan from the bank to buy your drugs, you’d most certainly be charged interest. So who’s the worst?


Why are banks so unscrupulous? They lend any amount of money for any purpose, to any business, no matter what the trade… and then they launder the profits. It’s been happening for years. Look at the history of the H.S.B.C. bank


One of the most rewarding ventures for a bank, when they’re not laundering drug money, is warfare. The debt is secured against the whole population of a nation, and there are always at least two sides to any conflict. Ideally, the bank will lend money to both parties.

Just the faintest whiff of war has governments borrowing billions to purchase the latest instruments of death, and destruction.


We would not have had a European war for hundreds of years without bankers to bankroll at least one of the armies. Wars certainly could not have lasted very long, without kings and governments and banks, contriving to put nations into massive debt, almost in perpetuity.

If the debt for one conflict is ever paid off, it’s very easy to start another. Maybe even with a fraudulent excuse. As long as the highest office in the land is prepared to lie through his magnificent teeth, then your government controlled media will support it as justifiable.



Usury ( lending money, with interest ) was once both a sin and a crime, in the Christian world; now it’s standard business practice. An individual’s worth is based on their credit rating. We are encouraged into debt from an early age, and it is woven into adverts as a means of achieving our dreams.

Dream car, dream holiday, dream on.

It’s presented as being a great thing; buy a new car for 300 quid a month, get a credit card, and buy anything you want.

Never do these moneylenders tell us about the downside of debt. When you can’t afford the payments – or even the interest on the payments. Repossession, marriage break-up, suicide, stress, sleepless nights, homelessness, and countless other possible consequences.

Debt should be treated like smoking. Banks should all have giant health warnings on them. The same as they have for cigarette packets – only with pictures of people crying, or divorcing, or even about to kill themselves.

Maybe banks shouldn’t be allowed to advertise, and their logos could be replaced with plain text. No branding, just a public health warning.


Debt can damage your health

The difference between debt and smoking, is that most people who smoke enjoy it; whereas no-one enjoys being in debt.

At least be honest. Debt can really fuck your life up, if you can’t afford it.


 Contract killer

Kids have contract phones before they even understand what a contract is.
Then, at 18, when they can be held legally responsible for debt, many young people are encouraged to gain a Government approved education/opinion –  by borrowing thousands of pounds, to pay for University tuition fees.


Our acceptance as a species of the economic strategies – of human debt-slavery, biosphere plunder, and earth rape – is pathological;

A mind-shift of the majority of the population is essential, if human life is to survive on this amazing planet. The unquestioned functioning of debt in most peoples lives is… well, I don’t know what to say.

It allows us to obtain things that we cannot afford, and often things that we don’t even need.

We are consuming tomorrow.

How much of the stuff that we have in life is just self-indulgence?

I’m certainly not advocating abstaining from pleasure. There’s no reason we can’t all live fairly comfortably  – but we have to be able to say, ‘no more’ when we have enough. This is true for so many of our vices as a species.


The vast majority of national debt is owed to banks and bankers. What are they going to do if all the people in all the countries agreed to default? The only ones who lose out are people who own the banks, so fuck them, they’ve been fucking us all for long enough.

I do realise this solution to world poverty, probably needs a bit more thought, but I enjoyed the idea of us all refusing to cooperate with the banks anymore.

Survival of the filthiest


Call me cynical, but is human life really about ‘survival of the fittest’?

Look at the Queen, for example. I could beat her in a fight, easily. Even when she was young and fit, I’d still have beaten the bitch in a punch-up, or a race, or climbing a tree, or hunting for food … Okay, maybe not hunting for food. Not if it needed killing. I’ll give her that – she has had way more experience with guns, and has certainly slaughtered many more living things than I ever will. As for her husband Prince Philip, he is estimated to have shot over 30,000 pheasant. He has also killed deer, rabbit, hare, wild duck, snipe, woodcock, teal, pigeon and partridge in the U.K alone.


I suppose it’s part of the breeding programme with Royalty. They have to be good at killing, and they are. Whether it’s grouse or deer, pheasant or fish, the young royals are all tutored in the art of death from an early age. Let’s face it, many of the Queen’s ancestors murdered their own parents or siblings – that was how you became King or Queen back in the day. And, after ascending the throne, they married and interbred with their own close relatives (no I don’t mean lizards). Thus preserving the most psychopathic and incestuous of their shared genes. In fact, it’s more like ‘survival of the filthiest’ than ‘survival of the fittest’.

Do you think if all our ancestors had behaved like this we’d have developed speech, technology, or very much at all? We became human beings by communicating and cooperating. Passing on our knowledge to those around us and caring for each other.


Are our Rulers cleverer than us? I doubt it. I’ve never heard of a Royal win even a pub quiz, let alone Mastermind or Countdown. I don’t recall any theorem or equation written by a Royal (or a fucking Rothschild for that matter). Although I don’t suppose people like that would share their secret formula, and I guess that’s part of the problem.

I have a mathematical formula for you ;

1 R = 1 C (where R is a Royal; and C is a commoner )

Evolution  of the state


Obviously, Royalty did not self-generate: I suppose it evolved along with other abnormalities – like priests and generals, lawyers and bankers. Presumably beginning in the early cities, where the need for the division of labour became necessary. There were those who took advantage of certain situations and particular skills they may have had, and abused positions of power. They created the Institutions of State, which became part of a self-supporting hierarchy. Each unit of this hierarchy communicating & cooperating (just like humans), joining up with and reinforcing other units, creating more powerful super units and so on. But these Institutions have only cooperated within the hierarchical structure itself, and have always excluded human beings from that structure.

They are totally dehumanised.

People become job titles, skills became jobs – you get the picture.
The problem seems to be that we’ve created a system which is much fitter for survival than we are, and it’s destroying us :
It was born generations before history was invented,
It will continue, forever if we let it.
It’s bigger than us,
It’s smarter than us,
It’s even spying on us,
It’s now got A.I. and quantum supercomputers,
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck!
What are we going to do?

I’ll have to get back to you on that.

God knows


Call me cynical, but Religion is the work of the devil, not God. Spirituality, mysticism, appreciation of the Divine or other forms of personal belief, are perfectly laudable in the privacy of your own home; but not in public. Please!

Religion should be like sex: for consenting adults in private. With no one being harmed, exploited, or coerced. And for fuck’s sake – never do it with priests or children.


Don’t corrupt them with obscene practices of cannibalism and vampirism; eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ. That’s an incredibly twisted way to behave when looked at objectively.

Bashing bishops

Priests and Bishops dressing in ornate robes, making people kneel in front of them, wide-mouthed as they symbolically slip something in that open, eager, orifice.

These services are at very least ancient Pagan – I would even say Satanic – rituals. The Pope, who is supposed to be God’s representative on earth, covering up all the sexual abuse committed by God’s own ministers. How long has child rape been institutionalised, even sanctioned, within the Catholic Church?


The Church of England appears to behave similarly to the Church of Rome. Prince Charles’ friend Bishop Peter Ball was a paedophile. Prince Charles ‘didn’t believe’ the accusations, and gave him a house to live in. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury at the time, George Carey, colluded with other high ranking church officials, to protect Bishop Ball.  Jesus would be spinning on His cross like a fucking Catherine wheel if He could see what’s been done in His name.

Blind leading the blind

Orthodox religion, blindly following the words of a book, dictated and written by HUMANS. Translated and edited, rewritten, and re-edited and re-translated; often by debauched perverts in positions of power with ungodly agendas.
Fuck off did God write it!
Why, for example, did anyone trust Moses?
Moses was deceived by a desert god/demon, known by the letters YHWH(Yahweh), who claimed to be God; but what sort of God has to resort to magic tricks to convince someone It’s the real deal.
“Oooh it’s a flaming, talking bush, it must be God.” Or “Is it a stick or is it a snake? No, it’s Yahweh showing off again”.
I have to admit that the slaughtering of the firstborn of Egypt was quite a convincing performance, but why would any so-called ‘God’ choose to behave in such a way.


The plagues inflicted on Egypt seem like the demonstration of a psychopathic dictator. Was there really a need for such a diabolical performance? God, the creator of all things, couldn’t come up with a more creative way of dealing with the situation. Maybe instead of mass murder, Yahweh could have done a few conjuring tricks for Pharaoh – as He did for Moses – to show how powerful He was. It would have been far less unpleasant.

”’OOh! He sawed a woman in half and stuck her back together again. Wow! He covered her with a curtain and made her disappear and reappear, I better let these bastards go, their God is really powerful.”

Then Moses told the Israelites, (and I paraphrase) ’We are God’s chosen people. He made all men, but He hates those bastards over there. In fact, if we do what He tells us to do, He will destroy our enemies, and find us a land to call our own.’

So ‘Yahweh’s ‘chosen people’ believed the narcissistic, racist, bombast, and followed him around a desert for 40 years. Then, as soon as Moses’ back was turned to receive the Ten Commandments, the people created a golden calf to worship, from all the gold they happened to have with them on their travels around the desert.
Somehow this tribal god YHWH has become intentionally confused with, and synonymous with the Deity we know as God.

YHWH is not, and never has been, the ‘one true God’ of monotheism. It is an impostor.

For Christ’s sake

Fast forward a thousand or two years this same God (or was it?) sent His only son to the same ‘chosen people’ to be tortured, demeaned and murdered for our sins. (Sins which we hadn’t committed, because we weren’t born yet). In order to obtain salvation for humanity.

The Kingdom of Heaven awaits, but only for those who believe in Jesus Christ – who ironically preached forgiveness and love. The rest of you will suffer eternal damnation, for believing in the wrong god.


Ironically Jesus never worships YHWH. He calls out ‘Eli’ (Matthew 27.46) or alternatively ‘Eloi’ (Mark 15.34), which is to be translated as ‘My God’ according to scholars.

God’s chosen people didn’t get fooled again. No, they weren’t going to start believing in that Jesus Christ and that ‘love thy neighbour’ shit. Our God doesn’t like the neighbours, He killed them for us.

You couldn’t make it up… oh! Hang on, somebody did make it up, and they convinced billions of people to believe it. You couldn’t make it up…

Then you mix the violent narcissism of Judaism, and the militaristic proselytising of Christianity, and lock them in an eternal war with another militant man-made monotheism, Islam (whose God is also the only one true God). Then convince them all that Jerusalem is their own personal Holy City. No fucking wonder people kill each other.

It can be insightful and comforting to incorporate the thoughts and teachings of ancient wise men/women into one’s life, but these old books are guidelines, not orders from God.

We all know right from wrong. If you need to be told how to live by an old book, which constantly contradicts itself, you really are fucked.