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I’m still trying to get my head around this one. I listened to an awful lot of BBC pre-Brexit bollocks. And since the referendum, I have listened to even bigger piles of Brexit bullshit, from all sides of this disorganised brewery trip.

Granted, most of that came from Radio 4 – I don’t watch BBC TV because I won’t buy a television license to pay for my own indoctrination. In fact, I don’t watch any TV news at all. It’s damaging to my health – it makes me frustrated, miserable and angry; what’s the point?

Why do I need to know the ‘official version’ of what’s going on in the world? It’s too fucking depressing. Wars, starvation, climate change, plagues. The list goes on. Why do I need to be informed of all of this? Can I change any of it? I don’t think so.


The news, whether it’s from BBC, Fox, CNN, Channel4, etc. is always so tenebrific (it seemed like an appropriate word when I looked in the thesaurus).

Miserable bastards, fuck off and leave me alone. There is never anything uplifting or even comforting in any of these broadcasts. The best you’re going to get is confused – particularly when they appear to be trying to present a balanced view. Most of what we receive is one-sided propaganda.

My perception of the Brexit coverage was that I was being talked down to by everyone at the BBC. We were being advised that if we knew what was good for us, we would vote to remain with the E.U.

The real puzzle for me is how, after receiving Auntie Beeb’s advice, the British people were so determined not to do as they were instructed.

Naughty naughty.

There seemed little doubt, the pollsters had figured out, that we were going to vote to remain; only a stupid, racist xenophobe would want to leave the convenience and multi-cultural safety of Brussels.

Skew you

I read that influencers of social media (Cambridge Analytica, among others), were supposed to have digitally targeted certain individuals to skew the vote. However, the people that I know who voted to leave are not at all racist, do not hate immigrants, and don’t use social media. They voted to leave, primarily because they wanted to retain sovereignty or delay globalization.

This one’s for you Theresa

The main benefit of leaving the E.U. – if we are allowed to leave – is that when things go tits-up, we can hold the Monarch and the Prime Minister to account, execute them, and reconstitute Parliament so that it is fit for purpose – which it hasn’t been for years. It’s outmoded and outdated, and I don’t think anyone feels that they have a voice.

Government seems to be a financial exercise, and nothing more. Robbing Peter (us), to pay Paul (the banks). Surely it should be about running more than the economy.

I think we should be building gallows and guillotines, right now, for Theresa, Boris, Jeremy, the D.U.P. – in fact, all of our politicians, for the pig’s ear they have made of the whole Brexit debacle. Not one of them seems to have behaved honourably, or with integrity, or for the benefit of the country. In fact, I don’t recall hearing a single intelligent, constructive utterance from an m.p. since the vote. Not a sign of leadership from anyone. They are pathetic.

All of our so-called politicians seem to be acting in a way which is detrimental to the U.K. Why? All the while, the BBC is spreading doom and gloom. This must be Government policy because the BBC is not independent.

Limbo Bimbo

Have you no dignity, Theresa, you are embarrassing everyone.

We now have Theresa May trying to limbo under the bar set by the E.U. As she bends over backwards, with her hair scraping the ground, and her crotch thrusting upwards towards Michel Barnier’s disgusted face, and she tries to jerk herself spasmodically forwards, inch by inch. But she never gets very far before she fucks up and has to start again. For each successive attempt, the bar is lowered a little bit more. As we can see she is an embarrassing dancer and a worse negotiator.

Or is this the point. Our politicians are demonstrating that they are completely useless. They cannot be trusted with anything, therefore we need to remain within the E.U. – in the hopefully slightly more capable hands of Brussels. Surely Europe can’t fuck things up as badly as Theresa Comewhat-May.

via Gfycat

Or can they? Of course they can. There is not a single reason why the bureaucratic bullshitters of Brussels should be any more competent than the waffling wankers of Westminster. People are falling out with their governments right across Europe at the moment.

What can we do when the E.U. screws up? Get a cross-Channel ferry, and flood into Calais like an escaping army of illegal immigrants – desperate to get back home. Then perhaps we could persuade the yellow jackets to join us, and we march onwards to Brussels together, the people of Europe united as we overthrow all corrupt governments (are there any other types of government?).

Anyway, who would we execute when we finally reach E.U. headquarters? The bureaucrats are faceless, and who can identify their local M.E.P.? Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s essential to know whose head it is that I’m chopping off.

Altogether now.

Strange me advocating to retain Sovereignty, when I don’t even want to retain the Sovereign, now there’s another paradox.

Deutchland Deutchland: so good, they named it twice

Who do you think you are kidding…?

It seems ironic that the most economically powerful country in Europe, is the country which supposedly lost the First and Second World Wars. How the fuck did that happen? They even lost their finest scientists to N.A.S.A. and the O.S.S. (C.I.A.) in America. Not to mention their other top chaps who escaped to South America.

Credit to Germany though; didn’t they do well. Wasn’t one of the objectives of the Third Reich a unified Europe, led by Germany? Nearly there lads.

How did Germany become so economically and politically powerful?

National Wealth Service

I can remember that Britain seemed to have a fairly broad-based economy before we joined the Common Market. There was a substantial manufacturing industry, coal and steel industries, and the nation owned the utility companies.

Granted, we were still living off the spoils of hundreds of years of imperialist plunder, but that was all flogged off on the cheap by Margaret Thatcher. (Sadly, I cannot spell the sound of mucus being dragged from the back of my throat, and then hockled out as a mucilaginous glob of viscose phlegm, so you’ll have to imagine it).

Now our economy relies upon the financial sector, the service industries, and mountains of debt.

It is argued by some, that we were illegally taken into the Common Market in 1972, by the then Prime Minister Ted Heath. In fact according to Vernon Coleman – Britain never actually joined the E.U.

Heath has been accused by many of being a paedophile.He was also the person who proposed Jimmy Savile for an O.B.E. So Heath obviously had a perfect pedo pedigree, making him eminently blackmailable. He was always going to be somebody’s bitch.

You get the boat, I’ll get the kids

I realise the E.U. in principle could be a great idea. But how can we trust the people in charge? Whose interests do they serve, and how can you hold them to account? These questions cannot be answered on a National level, so it’s much more difficult to answer them on a Pan-European basis.

I know the E.U. is not to blame for everything that’s wrong, obviously, America has wreaked havoc upon the world for a hundred years or more, and with Trump as President… Well, who knows how that will end?


Yes, Britain has probably had the most pernicious effect of all, and I think it’s time we started setting a better example. But that ought to be done by us finding a more intelligent cooperative and thoughtful way of living – and a more egalitarian way of running the country – instead of squabbling over the result of that divisive referendum.

Friends, families, and workmates have fallen out over Brexit. I wouldn’t want to fall out with anyone over it. Why can’t we have different opinions without hating each other for having them? It doesn’t have to be a disaster, but it will be if we let it.

p.s. I do not seriously advocate the execution of any royalty or politicians, although I think a certain amount of torture may be appropriate for some.

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