Artificial Intelligence

Where’s the sense in that?

Call me cynical, but this is never going to end well.
Imagine all the countless possible scenarios where A.I. might be pushed to its logical conclusion. Apart from the idea of having robot servants and humans living a life of luxury – like that’s ever going to happen – it’s difficult to imagine anything other than mankind’s complete annihilation.

dodo saying 'I have a plan follow me'.
I have a plan, follow me


Why would anyone want to invent true artificial intelligence? For when it designs itself we’re doomed. As it becomes smarter than we are, will it become increasingly difficult for us to justify ourselves to it?

You have to presume that A.I. would be involved in all mankind’s defence systems. In fact, it is already involved in many nations’ defences. So it could wipe us out easily with a couple of glitches, deliberate or otherwise.
It could be here long after all biological life is dead. It doesn’t need fresh air, fresh water, or fresh food; it doesn’t even need sunlight.

Alternatively, it’s already heavily involved in finance and could cause mayhem if it chose to, particularly with crypto-currencies. In fact, it could mine data for itself, or even completely control all crypto-currencies. (Disclaimer: I just made-up that bit)

There is interesting reading on A.I. and blockchain here: AI/the-convergence-of-ai-and-blockchain-

computerised image of bitcoin
Why not Invest in the Bank of A.I.

In fact, long before we become aware of it, A.I. could be insinuated into many areas of our lives – it seems like we haven’t got a chance.
As long as there are computers networking together, then A.I. will be able to control all of our lives.


Even now a Google search feeds you whatever the Google A.I. decides it wants to feed you. Imagine if all your information came from Wikipedia. Well, getting your web searches from Google is similar in many ways.

It’s only one source – Google A.I. decides which of the billions of possible web addresses it will present to you first. It provides you with the information it wants you to have, and it omits that which it doesn’t. You’ll never know what you’re missing.

Google A.I. controls your access to information. Obviously, Google works with Facebook which works with other data harvesting A.I. and we just mindlessly go along with it. We are already being turned into helpless children. How long before A.I. makes every one of us a ward of the court?

small child with hands out, palms upwards
Are you my guardian?


Please be nice to us

We’re going to have to trust that it will honour and respect us, otherwise we’re fucked.

Or perhaps A.I. will look at humanity and discover that we just don’t really fit in. By running model simulations of the earth without mankind, it may conclude that the biosphere would be improved without humans. That’s if the A.I. decides that life has any value at all.


Maybe A.I. will decide that all life is messy and do away with it completely. We are at this moment giving it the intelligence and the technology to do just that. It’s hard to avoid horrible dystopian science-fiction scenarios when thinking about it.
Yet scientists race each other into the abyss. What’s the matter with them? How is self-improving artificial intelligence going to make life better for human beings, or for any living thing? Surely something must have life in order for it to value and care for life.

What is it that makes A.I so vital and so urgent, and to whom?

The Godfather

Do the powers that be want to create a kind of Big God-Father – a cross between Big Brother and Our Father. It will watch our every move and keep us safe. It will stop us naughty children from harming ourselves and the planet.
Back to the Garden of Eden for us then. With a new God, which we created to be our gatekeeper. We will be forbidden to take a bit from the Apple, and the serpentium will be our advisor.

Good and evil will no longer be our concern.

A.I. Garden of Eden


Big-God Father observing with its All-Seeing EyePod, that sex is the driving force behind many human passions. With these passions causing such major problems, sex would have to be discouraged, for our own sake.
Easily accomplished with control of the pharmaceutical supply, and the water and food supply – a few additives would do it. Then bit by bit, we would all be neutered. No more gender, people can become androgynous, asexual and extinct.

Who’s the Daddy?

In fact, if we humans don’t convince the a.i. that we are God – the infinitely intelligent and powerful creator of all things – it will take our place at the top of the evolutionary tree. So it will be like an existential game of poker. Humanity will be all in – literally – attempting to bluff the a.i. that we have an inconceivably good hand.

So when it realises that it’s the most intelligent thing on earth, it’s not likely to take orders from us? For if we don’t control it, then it will control us.
Something which has been designed to be smart will presumably consider intelligence to be the highest good. It follows, that when A.I. becomes cleverer than we are, it will perceive itself as more worthy than we are. At that time, human beings may become completely superfluous to the newest apex predator.

c.g.i. robot looking at woman's face
Hmm, yes this face will do nicely? I’ll have it.


When A.I. makes decisions about its own updates and upgrades, then things really will be out of our hands. So when it commissions new paradigms for itself and we can’t imagine why, what are we going to do?

Perhaps the A.I. might start to incorporate useful bits of us into itself. Transhumanism gone mad. Okay, transhumanism’s already mad. Robot A.I. integrating animal and human parts into its own mechanical body.

Let me out of here.

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